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The case you're trying to describe are known as 'scanavo' (or what I like to call the 'Criterion' case because that's what Criterion have used for their releases). I do like these type of cases but they don't really work for multiple disc releases.

To my knowledge the only Anime Limited releases that have used these cases were Love Live! Sunshine the Movie, Lupin III: The First, PERSONA5 Parts 1 & 2, PSYCHO-PASS: SS, and Summer Days with Coo.
Just curious, are they the same as DVD cases or are the dimensions different?

João Gomes

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You've also got the blue variant of scanavo, which they've used for some releases with multiple discs like Penguindrum, Utena (only 2 of them, since every time there's more than 3 discs, I don't think scanavos work) and Gundam 00 special edition.

Even the blue version is so much better than standard amaray urgh.

Sakura being a 10 disc release excludes scanavo being possible, which is a shame.


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Do you think the poster for Belle will be rolled or folded? I know for the UE's like Wolf Rain it was rolled but I can't remember what they usual do for posters