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Finally got El-Hazard after it being dispatched on the 10th. According to AL…RM currently have form that they won’t scan an item into their system if they know they can’t deliver it within 24/48 hours (depending on what service you choose), that way they aren’t breaking the guarantee that they’ll deliver it within that time frame.
Wow that's... a pretty shoddy way to try and get around a guarantee. I hope someone challeneges them on that one day.


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I sent a email regarding the subs issue on disc 5 of the NGE Blu-ray series and they reply back to me they are aware of the issue and they are manufacturing new discs and they asked me for my full name, shipping address and proof of purchase (email confirmation is fine).
I haven't watched my copy yet. What's the subs issue?

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I haven't watched my copy yet. What's the subs issue?
It's the live action clip that is missing the subtitles, I don't know exactly what that is but it's supposed to be a parody or something?

The issue doesn't really affect me, as I never watch the extras on any of my Blu-rays, anime of live action, they just don't interest me at all. But, for possible resale value down the road, I'll still probably request a replacement disc.
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I'm glad to see some Shuzo Oshimi among the manga titles being offered, there was some other stuff that interested me as well (both manga and LN), I'm also assuming we can use our 10% off Anime Unlimited codes on orders of manga and LNs from AL's webshop? :) I am not massively into the isekai genre bu they are not just offering that so I'm pleased about this :)


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Got a replacement for full metal panic IV today and this one has a cracked Blu-ray case :( strangely outer box is fine so must have happened before it was shipped
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Is there any chance or hope for Anime Limited to license A Place Further than the Universe and Yuru Camp? I noticed that Crunchyroll still hasn't let anyone give them physical releases.

would love both, just looked it up and no Yuru Camp release in the US either? considering how popular the show is that is a surprise.


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Symphogear only has 10 fans in the UK and they all imported the Discotech release so neither :p
I think it has more than 10 since in the 2019 Anime UK News Readers' Choice Awards Symphogear won the category for "Most Wanted Anime License". Or maybe those 10 fans were so passionated that they used different email addresses and accounts to vote it multiple times 😆

I assume Discotek Media's release of the first two seasons are region A locked and would therefore require region free player?