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I'm curious is the ADV dub just peoples prefered way to watch it? I'm kind of surprised as I thought the subs would be more favourable for most
I usually watch the sub but sometime I want to watch the dub in which case the ADV dub is the one I want.
Also it isn't just the dub ADV's subtitles were different to the ones on Netflix and a lot of fans (myself included) disike the Netflix subs and this specifies that the classic subs are included along with the classic dub.


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Mightn't 'bonus classic dub and subtitled versions' be the original broadcast masters? 👀 I don't see why they would bother to duplicate the Japanese audio track + subtitles on discs if the only reason for the different discs was the ADV dub


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Price is what I expected. Was surprised people were predicting a simple complete set when the big sets like this always go further into physical goodies.

Don't get paid until tomorrow but pounced on it fairly quickly. Already in my overdraft so safe to say I've already blasted through my luxuries budget for the month.

Is the FedEx shipping a thing for all orders? Asking because as ever my local FedEx driver is a nightmare (I am cursed by terrible courier distribution).


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I was hoping for £150, but I still caved & bought it. Having both dubs was the deciding factor: I mean, not only in appreciation of AL/GKIDS being able to access them, but the fact that they're on separate disks means that there's no guarantee that both will be made available in the future, and even if they are you'll likely have to double-dip if you want both on any potential collectors/amaray sets,

The art book and seemingly all the JP on disk extras also helps.

Like everyone, I am a little disappointed purely for completion's sake that Fly Me to the Moon couldn't be included, although truth be told, I've never really connected to NGE's OP & ED in the same way so many people have, so it would never be a deciding factor.

The art used in the packaging in generally quite nice, especially the classic digipack covers. That said, to echo a few others, I would have preferred something a bit more grandiose than just the images of Rei & Asuka on the main package. There's some pretty spectacular art from End Of that would have felt more appropriate: the Rei-head/beach art used on manga uk's dvd cover for example & the Rei/Lillith/Black Moon seen in one of the art cards would have been ideal. It's not terrible or anything so dramatic, but I definitely have a image of my perfect release in my head now.


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I've also ordered it, I'm in the Netherlands.

The poster I was quoting says international orders will probably be cancelled. If that is the case, then there is no way for any EU folks who don't speak/read either German, Italian or French to get their hands on an Evangelion set, with PAL encoding, in a language they can understand. Hence why that would be a big FY from me to whoever thought that was a good idea.
Why don't you consider using a UK based forwarding service?

I would update your Netherlands address with an UK one and hopefully, your order shouldn't get cancelled.

I do something similar for my Japanese orders - obtain a Japanese address and ask a forwarding company to redirect my orders to me.


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£200 isn't a bad price, I've spent more on stupider things, but I just can't, somehow that makes me feel like a bad fan, my brain is broken.