Anime Limited Delays Maquia DVD & Blu-ray to March


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Listings on Amazon and Zavvi deliver another blow to Anime Limited's 12 Days of Christmas sale, seemingly confirming a delay to the highly anticipated Early Bird pre-orders for Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms.

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So, after I waited until the new year to order - fearing yet ANOTHER AL delay - days after I finally did order from AOL for more than AL's pre-xmas 'early birdy'... it's delayed a few months. Cool.

I'm cancelling and importing it instead. Annoyed enough as is still waiting for Mystery Box #2. No wonder Andrew's sodded off from AUKN.


Great Teacher
Shout factory or AL FR both won’t be great
Well, I was hoping it's going to be either their new authoring house (which authored Amanchu and the first Code Geass film) or Justin (much more preferable), but we'll see what happens. In the end, I'm still going ahead with the order regardless.


Pretty sure that's not the reason.
Do you mean to imply that it's not merely a case of him being unable to handle the amount complaints and/or that he is overloaded with work and, in fact, the real reason for his posting absence is the return of another alpha male that has replaced him on AUKN, now I have returned from the dead to moan about AL?... honestly, I hadn't considered that possibility until now. He did stop posting shortly before my return, tbh.


Nah, it's not like I'm arrogant, like. It's more like in Highlander where there can only be one true Gankutsuou fan flexing at any given time. You watch: he'll be back when I am permabanned again by Roy leave to attain enlightenment.


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I'm reasonably sure that Andrew has better things to do than worry about troublemakers on forums. Especially since tactics like bullying and being disrespectful to other posters are against the forum rules here. From my experience, delays hurt the companies a lot more than they hurt the fans eagerly watching their letterboxes for a delivery, however frustrating logistical issues can be.

Maquia was probably my favourite anime cinema trip last year so it's a shame to hear about the delay. Still a fast turnaround compared to the bad old days when I wouldn't even have had the chance to have seen it yet.



We live in a globalized world due to the Internet, anime is still painfully slow when it comes to movies.
Netflix got the SDS film in 4 months and Penguin Highway came out same day in Japan and where is ALs cinema release of that