Anime Limited Announces Evangelion, Demon Slayer, Planetes & More During CloudMatsuri Panel


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I know there’s mixed reception on the new Evangelion dub but I’m just super glad that the series will be available to purchase again.

Also really excited for the new Code Geass movie and Bartender looks interesting

Darren Skippings

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It could finally be a UE I might actually want has been announced (others have been too expensive and series I wasn't truly bothered with what you got) but a series rescue and upgrade of Eva, been too long, be interesting what is included, the dub issue is odd but nothing new to anime (not seen the netflix dub) I still own an ADV dvd set so didn't need to, as for death and rebirth and end of, this will be third time buying these, so not a prob (i got the French double pack released by Manga).
Demon Slayer and Planetes are the only other titles from that lot that peek my interest ( I own Planetes US DVD so an upgrade is needed)

Scrambled Valkyrie

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Not seen B: The Beginning or Bartender but I'm definitely all in for the Eva ultimate set and Planetes. Both really nice surprises! I was kind of expecting the US to get the Evangelion TV first in HD.


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Right then my shopping list.

Definitely picking up Demon Slayer and Code Geass (I have yet to get around to the previous films but the series wowed me).

Very interested in Eva because of it means to Anime. While I have seen it a long time ago when it aired on the Sci Fi channel I remember younger me just being confused by the plot and frustrated at the lack of giant robot fighting. Maybe older me will have a new appreciation (or will still scream the meme get in the f***ing robot Shinji).

Interested in K: seven stories and B: the beginning sounds like it might be right up my alley going by the synopsis on MAL (also since it's called "the beginning" is there a related show?). We just need G Gundam and the soviet trinity will be complete :p (get's booted)

The rest are unknowns to me.