Anime Limited Acquires Cardcaptor Sakura and InuYasha Anime, Reveals B: The Beginning Ultimate Edition


Thousand Master
I wouldn't exactly call sakura surprising, but it's the only thing I'm happy about from the panel. getting it for sure.

B I also want, but not for UE prices, I can wait..


Thousand Master
I remember seeing the original UK release of InuYasha many years ago in a now long-closed shop in Reading. At the time I didn't realise (lol) that it was only the first part and that it would be the only part to ever come out. I never got it, despite asking for it as a present a few months later, and never saw it again after the shop in question closed doors a little while later. It was several years after this that I watched the series (illegally) and thus entered the world of anime. Finally I will be able to get it properly. Although I doubt I'll ever rewatch it all now - maybe some of it for the sake of nostalgia?