Anime Feminist's Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches Target


State Alchemist
They say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. But to avoid me say, commenting on people's facebook posts on the same topic and running the very real risk of having to interact with (and very likely be piled on by) social media users who don't even know me personally (which is an incredibly aggravating experience) I'll say my piece here on AUKN and be done with it.

I'm kind of baffled by all this. What is the appeal, the point even of this website to its readers/funders and even frankly its creators? Is this really what people want now, reviews and critiques of media based on whether it agrees with their socio-political outlook? Is it because people like being given reasons to be pissed off at really inconsequential things, much like why people read tabloid newspapers? Or is it, like those Christian anime websites, just so people can avoid anything they might find objectionable due to their beliefs? It surely can't be an attempt to actually influence the industry in any way, because coming as it does from outside of Japan it isn't likely to (and I might even venture thankfully so, given that I wouldn't particularly want foreign audiences trying to influence British media based on social and politcal movements in their countries either).

I don't say any of this as some feminism hating alt-rightist who loves me some misogyny in my anime, I've been around a long time and hopefully those who know me here know I am very supportive of equality and am definitely a big fan of strong and well thought-out and developed female characters. I think AnimeFeminist has every right to say and do whatever they want, I'm not even unsupportive of feminism as a social movement (although I feel it's of far greater purpose when it's dealing with actual real world issues women face rather than fiction) and clearly, if there's demand for this kind of thing I'm in no position to argue otherwise. But I am surprised by the popularity of this particular kind of reviewing, and by the degree of support it's getting when I feel if it were say, one of those Christian anime websites that's doing pretty much the same thing, it would be ignored and viewed as kind of laughable (not that I'm at all supportive of those websites or a Christian either, I hasten to add).

That's it really, two penn'orth added. I'd be interested, genuinely, in giving a fair hearing to people who enjoy this kind of reviewing or think it's important. Because I guess enough people must.