Anime Events in the British Isles [2007]


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HoukiBoshi said:
pomtry said:
Why is everywhere so far away from me :(

There are absolutly NO cons ANYWERE in Wales ;.;

Anyone know what the bristol one is like?

Its not a con, but a corporate event which means there are a lot more business's trying to sell you stuff and a little less to do. The Bristol International Comic Expo has a special on Manga this time, its their 'spotlight' feature so there should be plenty of fun if your into Manga, but not so much if you like Anime exclusively.

This just popped up on Neo's forums. Alot more info on the Bristol ones Manga stuff.

lmc87 said:
None in Scotland either :(

There is a Scottish Convention however it runs every two years and did so in November 06 ;)


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butch-cassidy said:
Tomo-Dachi [August 24th - 26th - Londonderry - N.Ireland]
Ireland's largest convention is back for a third year and promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Guests are yet to be announced but be sure not to miss out on this con.

You'd think being the con director of Tomo and all, you'd atleast be aware of your own con's guest, Mike. :shock:


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My friends looked on the website for the Leicester anime con in November... They're trying to get Vic Mignogna to go there! ^_^ Whoo!

And best of all, Leicester's only 100 miles away..