Anime diseases


Hent Eye
This condition affects an overwhelming number of female characters in harem and romantic comedy anime, and is typified by psychotic delusions that cause the sufferer to perceive a bland male protagonist as a pervert. While behavioural studies have shown that bland male protagonists have a disproportionately high incidence of walking in on girls in the bathroom, or being present when a girl falls over and has her underwear exposed, a case of Hent Eye extends far beyond such easily misinterpreted scenarios. For a clinical diagnosis of Hent Eye, the sufferer must perceive any and all actions undertaken by the protagonist as an act of perversion. This includes, but is not limited to: attempting to help the girl during an emotional crisis, attempting to spend any time alone with the girl, attempting to spend any time with a group of people that includes the girl, attempting to speak to the girl, attempting to speak to anyone else while in the girl's presence, not speaking, looking at the girl, not looking at the girl, entering any room where the girl is present, being in a room that the girl enters, or simply existing.


Death Scythe
Parental Wonderlust
A condition where parents hate to spend time with thier children and go traveling around the country or world rather than looking after thier offspring. Often found in romance and harem anime thankfully childhood friends step up to the plate and look after them. Side affects include, living on your own, having a childhood friend who has a crush on you and being completely self sufficient financially and emotionally from your parents. So far this condition is unique to anime and specifically Japan where is presume ther are large numbers of teenage children living alone.