Anime (de)Motivational posters

Discussion in 'Creative Arena' started by hopeful_monster, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. hopeful_monster

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    Screen caps are all well and good. but add words and not necessary the ones being spoken, more those thought. Have many more, but not on this computer. So here are a few I've scaved from the internet.
    make your own here.
  2. Sy

    Sy Time-Traveller

    My Pokemans?
  3. hopeful_monster

    hopeful_monster Thousand Master

    Found some more
  4. Travis Radisson

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    Not particularly motivational, but cute. :p
  5. McIcy

    McIcy Mushi-shi

    Quality Posters
  6. Ryo Chan

    Ryo Chan Symphogear

    Firefox ftw :D
  7. hopeful_monster

    hopeful_monster Thousand Master

    Few of my own creations
  8. Tasker

    Tasker Hunter

    As i've just been watching it, I couldn't resist. :)
  9. McIcy

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  10. Shades

    Shades Hunter

  11. hopeful_monster

    hopeful_monster Thousand Master

    Some more, one mine some randomly collected from the interweb. Got another huge one, but it won't post.
  12. Pomtry

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  13. Jetsam

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    Some of mine:
  14. random_pie

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    What anime are they from?
  15. Nyu

    Nyu Pokémon Master

    Ryo-ohki is the shizzle.
  16. Ryo Chan

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  17. hopeful_monster

    hopeful_monster Thousand Master

    Too true, too true
  18. Pomtry

    Pomtry Combat Butler

    That Poster Tells the truth :lol:
  19. Jaymii

    Jaymii Baka Ranger

    Depends if you get these so called drugs illegally. Haha.
  20. McIcy

    McIcy Mushi-shi

    Agreed, I would have spent a hell of a lot less on Heroin than I have done on anime.