Anime Convention in Scotland!


Edinburgh University Anime & Animation Society are holding an Anime Convention on Sat 30th April 2005 and we're hoping to gather all those anime fans out there for what will be a massive anime fest for all! And in Scotland aswell!

The convention will be a full day of anime and DDR with three rooms devoted solely to anime and also one for those Dance Dance Revolution addicts out there! Plus a chill out room and there'll also be lots of competitions, prizes (sponsored by official anime companies) and plenty of cosplay!.....

Pre-bookings are open now and we're taking registrations for places. More info on our website:

We hope many people can come along, meet new poeple, share the love of anime and basically have an all round good time! :eek: :) :D

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(Don't worry Paul, I'm not going to make fun of this one as well. :p )

Anyway, sounds interesting, but there's no way I'm going to be able to head all the way up to Scotland. I might have considered it if it was more than just a 1 day thing, but I have trouble with that date anway (back at Uni with exams starting soon after).


Like I said, I've never actually been to an animé convention. Can somebody tell me what sort of stuff goes on there?
Hi guys! Sorry that the above link doesn't work! Here's the one:

Our mini-con will be held at the Pleasance Societies Centre on the Pleasance (this is the name of the road). It's about one street along from Nicolson Street/South Clerk Street, Edinburgh.

It's taking place on Saturday 30th April, from 11am to midnight. Pre-registration is now open. The cost to members of AASoc is £3, non-members will pay £4. All you have to do is just download and print a copy of the booking form here:

Send the form to the address stated on it, with your payment of £4 and we'll have you on the list with badge and goody pack ready on the day when you turn up. Alternatively, you could also pay on the door on the day though this will cost £1 more (£5).

If you have anymore questions, come join our irc channel where someone will always be on hand to answer your questions.
Our server is:
Channel: #aasoc

Or you could check out our website (link at top) or if that still doesnt answer your query, email me on:

We're expecting up to 120 people so book now! Hope to see you all there! :D