Anime Character Guessing Game with pictures


This game is also played on ANN and can be lots of fun and a challange on the old anime memories strings.

The point is.... you guessed it. If you guess the name of the character shown in the picture, you in turn will post your own anime character for us to guess, and so on. Name the Anime the character is from too if you can, but only the character name is needed to win.

NO FAN ART. It has to be a legit picture of the character.

You can also use spoilers if you like so as people can still guess at home even if the answere has already been given.

Rite then, I'll make a start ^_^

Who can anyone tell me who this is...

EDIT:New Rules: When the picture has been guessed correctly. The person who guessed correctly has 24hrs to put in the next character, otherwise it's anyones game.

Also if someone takes a guess at a picture but they aren't told whether they are correct or not within 24hrs, then they can post another picture so the game doesn't come to a halt.

Thanks ^____^



OK hopefully someone can get this one

I'm looking for someone to tell me who the one in white is
(pain in the ****, only pic i could find on the web)



Sorry Otaku-san it's not Motoko Kusanagi.

We have the anime down but who is this characters peops?

Last picture seems ok but posted it again incase.