Anime Character Battles 2010/2011 - The Voluptuous Finals

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Quick summery for the ones not caring for detail:
Haruhi won pretty much by a landslide - Haruhi 11:5 Rin Tosaka

The match

And the match has kicked off! Right from the start, the 2 projectile experts are throwing bullets and Gandr curses at each other, holding nothing back. I'm am you're commentator, Chaz and with me is guest broadcaster and ladies finalist in the last competition - Tessa.

Thank you, Chaz. So why is the mercenary, Revy, getting involved in a fight that should rightly be fought by he manager, Haruhi? This goes against the book, doesn't it, surely?]

Well, money talks and with the whole organisation of the fights switching as it has done, it was the fans themselves that have paid to see the fight go ahead. So there wasn't a major power to decide and force rules to be made. This is when Haruhi took a chance and hired the modern day pirate to fight, cuz she simply didn't want to. She's a leader you know, not a gladiator.

I understand that as a captain myself, but I fight for many, she just needs to fight for herself. That's a fundamental difference...

Point taken, but we need to get back to the act- OH!! And just as I said that, Revy has been blown off her feet with a large blast landing near her, sending her backwards.

Rin just used one of her jewels to emit that large wave of stored energy inside the crystal, as I can understand. Although she wont have many of them, and that wasn't a clean hit from her.

And she is striding towards her opponent. Oh no! Revy is still pummelling bullets at her even on the ground! She is one tough customer!

But Rin is still moving, trying to duck each shot. Some are still too fast for her to dodge though. I thought this was a terrible idea from the start.

And all that pushing forward lead to no avail... She's now back behind a rock as she tries to regain some composure from that massive slaughter. This is also giving a much more fresher Revy to get some momentum together, and I can see an evil glimpse in her eyes. Haruhi seems to have given her a great game-plan to deal with.

I'm not commenting on her any further, I'm sorry... *Hmph*

I see... Well, Haruhi was looking really smug, and now is giving the crowd some of her moves in a cheerleader outfit. And they're soaking it up!

Well, Rin is about ready it seems. And she seems to have lost sight of- Ah! A daring leap over the top from Revy and she's swapped her pistols for a rifle! A few more shots landing with that daring manoeuvre and poor Tohsaka-san is being toyed with it seems.

It's the taste of blood that's gotten Revy in this state, and she's punishing her with no remorse.
Wait a minute!! It seems like Archer is throwing some abuse at Revy, and she's taking exception to it! She has gone ballistic at Archer's snide comments.

Oh gosh! Look Chaz!! Rin is up, but how?! And Revy is still arguing with the servant. Revy's just realising and-


Now that's what I call an attack! Rin seems to have finally gotten what looks like her tactic together. She wanted to get into Revy in close quarters due to her martial arts background. And with a rifle that's best for longer ranges, that was the best time to strike while she was still nearby!

My ears... The cracking of the bone, and Revy must be in immense pain. You're forgetting to mention the jewel power that was also in Rin's fists. Her hand took damage itself, but a thunderous explosion hit Revy's torso with horrendous power!

Hey! Hey!! Archer's not smirking now!! He's been drop-kicked by the Brigade leader and is now being put to sleep and a stranglehold!! This is awesome! *Laughs*

Enough on that, we have a count out being made for Revy... She's still writhing in pain and cant get up. But now! Oh goodness me! Now Rin has collapsed! It looks like it's been too much too late from the magus! And Revy's clawing herself up from the rocks!

What a beast!! No a pair of them! Revy is now being declared the winner by K.O.! And the fight outside is still going on!! What a show- and he's conked out! Napping at the sidelines!

Well, thank you Tessa for being with us! It was pretty much a one sided match I would say, but that was a fight with so much story in it. Haruhi is up with her hired-gun and holding up her arm.
So our champion of the Women's Character Battles 2010-11 (with a little help) is Haruhi! Let's hope the men's finals is just as crazy.
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