Anime Character Battles 2010/2011 - The Voluptuous Finals

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It's a takeover of unscaled amounts, as we have all been waiting for too long. The forums demands justice be served and as Brigade Leader, I'm forcing a take-over on these battles, so we can finish it off!

So let us judge who is the most glorious warrior in this most pent-up and Super-Voluptuous match!!

Introducing 1st, being managed by Haruhi in the shadowy black corner, weighing is suspended due to the officials being held at gunpoint. Hailing from Rosanpur; She is the fouled-mouth pirate from Lagoon Company:
"2-hands" Revy!!! (This win will go towards Haruhi as Revy's being payed to fight.) XD

And her opponent, in the Jewel encrusted corner. I told you, I aint telling you their weight!!! Hailing from Fuyuki City; being accompanied by her manager, Archer, she is:
Rin Tohsaka!!!

They will do battle until Tuesday - 9th Aug and the thread will be locked on the evening. Votes will be suspended at 7pm UK time, even if the thread is still unlocked.
Let the wars begin!!


Very hard one for me, both are my pick for favs....
I'll do the same as mangaman: Ironically, it's tails, and so it's for Rin


Karamatsu Boy
Not a fan of either so I'll vote for Revy on account of the exceptionally badass picture :)

Hurrah for hostile takeovers!



Rin Tohsaka!!! gets my vote
reason why i chosen rin is
shes cute
and not a 100% uncareing total psycho b****.
sorry but i truly hate Revy.


State Alchemist
>_> <_< Well, you'll get no complaints from me!

One irresistibly aggressive testosterone driven killing machine please.
Rin's definitely cuter, while Revy is undoubtedly more psychotic. I don't think ayase would ever talk to me again if I didn't vote Revy... so I'll vote Rin.

ONLY JOKING! HARUHI gets my vote.
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