Anime Blu-ray & DVD / Manga & Light Novel - Out of Print「 OOP 」Update Thread


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Use this space to post information regarding titles that are soon to be OOP or already are. Found a listing for a near or already out of print release? You can post the link here. Not limited to UK releases.

In summary, this thread represents "Second Chance", allowing anyone to grab a missed out title at a reasonable (or not) price ¯\(ツ)

(There is a similar thread, though I've noticed it's more of a discussion thread than actually sharing where to obtain the OOP title of question. Additionally, the thread updates are very slow meaning lots of missed opportunities to secure a title. If this thread is considered unnecessary, feel free to remove it AUKN Staff)
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Monogatari by SHAFT is great but my oh my... The light novel is really the full package in regards to content. Beautiful box artwork by the Taiwanese alchemist of illustration VOFAN 💖 Season one compiled in a stunning box set at a good price as opposed to individual volumes? Yes please 🤲

Looks like Monogatari Series Season 1 Light Novel Limited Box Set have returned. Now the question is for how long?



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Update: Added more links (Amazon UK, Wordery)

More copies have appeared. This is a HIGH demand box set so if you've yet to grab Season One, no regrets 🔥

Cheapest price 👀

Wordery (Amazon UK)

Wordery (eBay UK)

US Import (eBay UK)

US Import