Anime All Nighter May 2013


Death Scythe
The next such event has now been confirmed for Saturday, May 4th from 11:55PM at London's Stratford Picturehouse cinema, and perhaps just as importantly the line-up for the event will be as follows:

009 Re: Cyborg (screened in 3D)
War of the Worlds: Goliath 3D
Berserk the Movie I: The Egg of the King
Street Fighter II

Anyone else going? :D


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Sci-Fi London 12 Anime All-nighter

I couldn't see it anywhere so I'll mention it.

Sci-Fi London Anime All-nighter is back next month. ... hter/anime

Its at 23:30 on Saturday the 4th May at the Stratford Picturehouse and is £25.

I'm all booked, it'll be my 9th time going down.

Its a good line up:

009 Re: Cyborg (in 3D) - Should be interesting, I need to finish 009-1 before I go down.
War of the Worlds: Goliath 3D - Not anime, but will of already been shown at the festival.
Loups=Garous - The only one I hadn't heard of, I'll be honest this looks naff.
Berserk (pt 1) - Oh Yeah!
Street Fighter II - Again, Oh Yeah! Best anime (or live action for that matter) based on a beat em up.

I'll also copy paste what I put oh Facebook:

A travel tip / warning for anyone like me, traveling 100+ miles down. On Sunday the trains are running a very limited service north (like last May infact, when I ended up on a train standing up for 2 hours of a 3 and a half hour train journey that stopped 37 times before Birmingham). I haven't made that mistake again. I'm getting a coach home, only £12 too.

Getting down is as easy as always, 20:10 train from New Street to Euston in 1:46 (Virgin standard was only £7.50) and 2 stops to stratford when in London.