Anglomois: Record of Mongol Invasion episode 1


The Wildcard
Crunchyroll link: The Far End of Japan

This looks like it's going to be an interesting show for those of us who like their history and their bloody action. And for those looking forward to the game Ghost of Tsushima as it takes place in the same period and in the same place.

So far the historical accuracy of the larger plot of the invasion seems to be high. Although the Princess Teruhi says it's the 11th year of the Bunmei era in the subtitles, the correct spelling is Bun'ei according to Wikipedia. The former being c. 200 years later.

900 ships is slight over estimate and I'm not sure where Gappo Bay in Goryeo is supposed to be where they say the ships are coming from, Goryeo means what is now Korea, but Wikipedia says the main port for the invasion was in China:

According to the Yuanshi, the Yuan fleet set out with an estimated 15,000 Mongol and Chinese soldiers and 1,600–8,000 Korean soldiers in 300 large vessels and 400–500 smaller craft along with several thousand sailors, although figures vary considerably depending on the source and many modern historians consider the numbers exaggerated. The primary port for the operation was Quanzhou in Fujian, then the center of China's maritime trade. They landed on Komodahama beach on Tsushima Island on October 5, 1274.

Maybe they moved from China to somewhere off the Korean peninsula before the final push and the Wikipedia entry doesn't mention this detail.

The art and animation is very good apart from the weird muddy filter over the top of everything. The characters are interesting (and fictional it seems, so far).

Anyway, thoughts?


The Wildcard
Gappo was the old name for Masan

Cool, cheers. And the entry about its history mentions the 900 ships that was used in the episode. As is the thing with history different sources will have differing "facts" on what happened.
Reading the source web-page for that passage in the Wikipedia page, it makes me wonder if they'll go for the mythical route or the realistic route. The Mongol they encountered with the glowing eyes might suggest that they'll have mythical elements.