All In The Name

Ian Wolf

AUKN Staff
This is a game taken from a favourite radio show of mine, Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive which is based on TV shows based purely on the names of the person who hosts them. For example, Victoria's Empire, in which Victoria Wood traveled to different countries which were once part of the British Empire.

The rules are simple. You have to try and come up with as many different TV, radio, book, film or play titles based purely on the name of the person hosting or writing it, and explain what the show would entail. The less you have to the change the name of the person, the better. Here are some examples from the show to get everyone going:

* Harry's Enfield - Harry Enfield takes a look at Enfield, London.

* Connery's Canaries - Sean Connery tours the Canary Islands.

* Cash in the Attic - Features former tennis player Pat Cash chained to a radiatior.

* Terry's Nutkin - Terry Nutkins admits that all of his uncles are Brazil nuts.

* Giant Haystack's Giant Haystacks - The ex-wrestler Giant Haystacks visits large haystacks.

* Ken Hom Improvement - In which you attempt to improve the chef Ken Hom.

* Des Lynam - The former host of Grandstand pretends to be an RAF base.

* Reese Witherspoon Meets Uri Geller

* Michael's Burqa - The newsreader Michael Burke finds out what life is like for Muslim women in Britain.

* David's Dimpled Bees - David Dimbleby looks at dimpled bees.

* Pol Pot Poles Pots - The former Cambodian dictator asks the opinions of garden pots.

* Richard Stilgoe's Perpetual Motion Machines

* Ed's Balls - The Shadow Chancellor talks about what is like being constantly picked on because of his funny surname.

* Putin's Put In Putty - Various Soviet leaders are encased in a plasticine-based compound so that plaster casts of them can be made.

* Shootin' with Putin - An interactive paintball show with Vladimir Putin.

* Vladimir's Putin - In which Putin thinks he might have a gastric disorder.

* Oddie's Bodies - Bill Oddie finally confesses.

* Bill Oddie's Bill Oddity - Oddies queries bottles of mineral water that he didn't think he ordered in restaurants.

Ryo Chan

Damons Hills - Damon Hill hikes around the lakedistrict
Button It - Jenson Button takes a look at unique button designs of brition

Ian Wolf

AUKN Staff
Jeremy's Clark Son - We meet up with the son of the Top Gear host, who works for a firm of accountants in Oxford.


Student Council President
Stephen's Fry - Well I reckon he has been to his fair share of takeaways

Emma What's On - Emma Watson previews the weeks TV

Bentley's Bentleys - Not really that different from 5th Gear

Bacon's Baking Bacon - More TV shows about bacon!

Snow - Jon Snow stares at snow for an hour.

Vine's Vines - Jeremy Vine criticizes grapes, for no real reason

Patrick Moore Mores - Patrick Moore explains his customs


Completely Average High School Student
James May or May Not - we watch the Top Gear presenter as he decides what to do for the day.

Richard Ham on Cheese - Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond makes his packed lunch.

Patrick's Stew Art: Shakespearian actor & captain of the Enterprise makes pictures by rubbing leftovers from last nights stew on a canvas.

Nathan Fill Ian: an adult "gay interest" film featuring Serenity star Nathan Fillion & his pal Ian. >_<

Neil, Patrick & Harris

Jimmy's Car
Allan's Car