Alita: Battle Angel Live Action Movie


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Couldn't find a better place for this (if any of the mods can please let me know). I put it here for the fact that Alita: Battle Angel seems based of the anime

Trailer #1

The anime wasn't bad. In truth it is very watchable, but having read the manga it is sorely lacking in depth and a lot of context. While I cannot judge the depth and finesse of the story in the live action film. I can say one thing, the art direction (especially with Gally) in the trailer looks bad. I'm not expecting a pixel for pixel clone here and more for that reason I would have apprecated Alita with more human eyes and expression. Cyborg or not she stands out like a sore thumb in that trailer. Too cutesy and fake. If the trailer actually gave us a human charater (with more human features) and played to the dark, survivalist, anti-hero nature of the manga instead of the cutesy, love dovey tagline and anime I'd be very impressed.

As it is my skepticism is running very high now and I ask what your opinions of the trailer are going by what you know of the manga and anime film.


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I just hope its better that Elysium which was very similar in story but poorly done

Im getting used to the eyes now ive seen the trailer. I think its less about giving her anime eyes and more about distinguishing her from humans even if only by a unique feature.

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I was watching this last night and thought it looked like it was based off an Anime/Manga. Good to see it is, I might give the OVA a watch if I can find a copy

Trailer looks good but I noticed some dodgy CG moments that stood out. First half looked very watchable.

Also, Why is this running as a Youtube ad, 8 months before cinema release. :/