Ah! My Goddess


Is it any good?

I was thinking about buying the movie as it's rather cheap now, and seems to get alot of praise.

What do you guys think of it?


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If you like tales of females as doormats then you should enjoy it, but I could never gel with Belldandy and her willingness to do anything and everything. Probably the feminist in me :lol:


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adamcube said:
Sorry, probably struck a chord there..... *hides*
Not really ^__^ I just don't like anime with doormat type females in it and by doormat I DO mean gets walked all over :lol:
Other people will have a differing opinion than me, so you're probably best ignoring me :wink:
The other characters are OK, but it's just not my cup of tea!


The movie is nice. Something to sit back and watch on a tired sunday afternoon and very enjoyable. Beautiful animation/soundtrack and a good story.

The OAV trys to cram too much into such a short space and seems kinda of rushed but is somewhat entertaining.

The series is pretty good. I enjoy watching it from time to time but I heaven't really been following the second season much as there are a lot more series out that i'm more interested in right now.


adamcube said:
Thanks for you views - so maybe the £10 for the movie would be a good idea....
Well, yes :) Most DVDs are about 15-20 pounds. I've seen the Ah! My Goddess Movie and OVA (1st series)

The movie is definately better than the series. Plus, I feel like the animation on the movie is better than the series... It just seems 'right'.

If you'd like to know, there is also a mini series called "Mini Goddesses Adventures" which are totally random episodes with the goddesses shrinking and, well I say, torturing a rat. XD

Yes, Belldandy is far too naive... but she aint a push-over :)


Ryo Chan said:
tbh u should watch the OAV's before the movies though
I guess you could but the movie is really stand alone. It could be the first thing you watched and it would make sense. If you enjoy the movie then I suggest you pick up the first couple of volumes of the TV series(not the OAV) on region 1 DVD and seeing how you like that. If you don't then you can always sell it on. :)


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I've only seen the first couple of Episodes but i thought it was a great anime series with an uber fantastic intro!


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Chaz said:
Yes, Belldandy is far too naive... but she aint a push-over :)
Yes she is :lol: She's a doormat! It's something I've come to accept with anime, although I still can't stand the Belldandy types at all.
She's not so bad in the movie, but the OVA and TV series show her more typical side!


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Well, I found the recent TV series to be quite sweet, and sometimes very funny. It was however also very slow, with at least half of the episodes being forgettable filler. This includes the last two episodes.

I just wish Belldandy had more of a personality.


Yeah, Belldandy is a real pushover. Seems rather common in anime to have a girl who is completely devoted to a man and has no sense of self fulfilment. I wouldn't really recommend the series.

The mini-goddess episodes are terrible. It is very child orientated and they spend most of the time being horrible to a rat.


I really enjoy it, the first series has so many laugh out loud moment, and you have to remember that Belldandy's pushover nature is because she IS an angel sent to be with Keichie (excuse spelling please) so that could account for it. Besides Urde and her little sister more than make up for her attitude.

Still haven't started watching series 2, am saving it for when I get the whole series and then watch it all in one go.... bring on the goddess-fest


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This is a series I love, despite the patriarcal ideologies it promotes. What's wrong with Belldandy's personality? I think she comes across as the perfect otherworldy being, who is doing her best to grant K's wish.