A Wild Teapot Appears!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Teapot, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Teapot

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    Hi! I realise I've been here for a bit, but haven't properly introduced myself. I am Teapot; I'm Demelza's other half, and I'm a web developer by trade.

    My shiny red admin hat is because I've agreed to come aboard and help Chaos out with maintenance and improvements to the AUKN site and forums — including trying to get the main site online! The temporary landing page on http://animeuknews.net is my work, for example :) Hopefully I can take a bit of pressure off of the hard-working staff here, and maybe, down the line, help bring you guys some shiny new stuff...

    Anime-wise, I mostly keep up with everything through Demelza, but I started following shows week-by-week back in 2011 or so – so I was lucky enough to follow shows like Madoka and K-On!! live. My anime consumption dropped off hard after that (life, alas!), but I try to at least be aware of what's being streamed – I'm watching the Phoenix Wright anime at the moment, as I'm very much a Phoenix Wright fan...

    Nice to meet you all!
  2. Ath

    Ath Pokémon Master

    Hello and welcome! Always glad to see another Phoenix Wright fan! I like what you've done with the temporary landing page, it looks pretty good on mobile. Looking forward to seeing what else is in store!
  3. ayase

    ayase Mushi-shi

    Aha, thanks for the explanation and welcome aboard Teapot. Always makes me slightly paranoid when unknown people with power appear out of nowhere.

    Thanks for your efforts to get the site up and running again, as well as those of all the other staff members of course. It seems like poor chaos has been through some real trials and tribulations with AUKN over the years.
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  4. Buzzkillington

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    Hi, welcome to the site. Thanks for putting your time and effort into getting the old site back. :thumb: (I know it doesn't work on the site anymore, but I'm using it anyway...lol)
  5. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    Hello hello!
    Regardless of whether or not you are a) a teapot, b) short or c) stout, it is reassuring to see more hands on deck!
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  6. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    Welcome aboard Teapot :D

    Nice to see another Phoenix Wright fan ^^

    Thank you for your hard work with the site ^_^
  7. Otaku-san

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    Instant Admin.

    Just add water