A Most Excellent Anime Discussion Club


Hey everyone, me and a couple others have recently created a new anime club and were currently looking for twelve more members to add to the group. To sum up the concept of the group, each week the group will all watch a set number of episodes a week from an anime voted for by the entire group. The group will then discuss the episodes on discord. This will continue until we have finished the anime and then the group will once again vote on the next anime we watch. The reason we don't want the group to be too big is because we feel this smaller number will allow us to get to know one another better and provide a more intimate group setting. We're looking for active and friendly users who want to meet new people, breakdown anime and share a few jokes. Beginners to anime are more than welcome too.

For more information, please feel free to send me a message, i'd be more than happy to answer any questions. You can also check out our group page for more info too.

Link to group page: Double Dollar Ice Cream Club 🍦 - Club - MyAnimeList.net

Thanks for reading.