A good short series?


I just sold my bike so I've fainally got some money :D. So could anyone give me a good short series (around 1-5 vols) Im not looking for anything particular just a good storyline.


.hack stuff are quite small. The novels, A.I. Buster and Another Birth, are 2 volumes and 3/4 volumes.
Legend of the Twilight is 3 volumes of manga.

Also, there's Comic Party (5 vol.), but apart from that, I've no clue.


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I'm no help if you want something Shounen, but if you are up for a bit of Shoujo i would recommend:

Imadoki (5 vol)
Tokyo Boys & Girls (5 vol)
Happy Hustle High (5 vol)
Paradise Kiss (5 vol)
I think it's hard to find a good series with less than 5 volumes.

You could also try Kill Me, Kiss Me (5 vol)
Theres also Antique Bakery, classed as Yaoi, but you will be hard pressed to find much in there, it is on the other hand a good story, and only 4 volumes


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I really enjoyed Paradise Kiss - the characters are very human and their feelings extremely believable, the art is great and the storyline is quite unique!

Laughing Manji

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Planetes, 5 volumes, Hard Sci-fi
Azumanga Daioh, 4 volumes, comedy
Gunsmith Cats, 4 volumes (new printing), Action, Crime, Mature themes
Ode to Kirihito, single volume, Thriller, Medical, Mature themes
Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole do Ciel, 5 volumes, Mecha, Gundam


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I'd also like to suggest:

QWAN - 4 volumes long, very unique, great art, interesting story (a mysterious Chinese boy who eats demons in a land filled with odd creatures, he's on a mission to find a secret scroll...)
.hack - Legend Of The Twilight - 3 volumes long, lovely clean art, pretty funny, captivating story!


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Ive been low on money as well. Ive got no idea really but ive been looking for short manga aswell.
Kanpai! strikes me. and i did have other ones in my tiny little head of mine but i have totally forgot.