750,000 Anime DVDs & Blu-rays sold in the UK during 2010

750,000 for a niche thing like Anime? Sounds about right, but as Stuart above me says, I'd need to know prior year's sales for that number to really mean anything.
Sounds like pretty decent numbers to me. I'd be surprised if sales weren't going up considering that the number of episodes per release has been increasing more than the prices. (Whether that equates to increased revenues, though, is a different matter.)
Does this figure account for the activities of Otaku.co.uk and UP1? Whilst a product imported directly from R1 doesn't count as an item sold within the UK, I expect that obtaining a pre-imported item from a retailer in Kent does.
^ This would be good to find out, though if they're using similar trackers to those mentioned on ANN then they may be prohibited from (or wary of) giving more detailed figures - huge licensing fees and harsh licensing agreements were mentioned.

I'll take a (super-obvious!) guess that Ghibli, Oshii, FMA, Naruto and Bleach titles are responsible for a lot of those sales.
True, I doubt we'd find out. I would also quite like to know how many individual live action films and TV series sold more than 750k on their own.
ilmaestro said:
How many of them are actual "anime fan" sales, and how many of them are sales of more mainstream movies, etc?[/quote
I think the top 3 were something like Halo, Ponyo and Spirited away...
Oh lol, Halo. I wonder how much that did on its own, never mind even the Ghibli movies.

Thanks for the link, sic vita est. I'm a little surprised that no regular TV boxset cracked a million.