21 Studio Ghibli Anime Films Coming to Netflix (outside Japan, US & Canada)


Grave of the Fireflies has been streamable for a while, but you have to buy or rent it.


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AUKN Staff
Really looking forward to watching Whisper of the Heart again and it's nice just to have easy access to these films beyond the Blu-rays.


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Even though I have them all on DVD that is good news; hopefully it will introduce more people to the delights of anime :)


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Would've expected them to end up on Disney+ since they had a hand in bringing at least a few of them over originally, and Ghibli being their only real 2d competition.

Wonder how much it cost to licence the 21 they got.

Mr L

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With Netflix seemingly being good at making these tricky distribution deals. I'm hoping they may finally be the ones who get get Toei Europe to unlock their vault for streaming.