2015 Game of the Year

Seeing as it's almost the end of December, what has been everyone's game of the year, and is there a game you are looking forward to next year.

Mine has to be Fallout 4. I just love the setting, the music, the story and the characters :D I have spent over 100 hours with 2 different characters, and got the platinum trophy. I 'm looking forward to see what they do with the dlc.

Runner up is Corpse Party: Blood Drive for the PS Vita. It's my favourite handheld game to come out this year, I loved everything about but Fallout just beat it slightly.

The game I'm looking forward to come out next year is, Tales of Berseria. It just looks so fun and I'm in love with Velvet <3 I'm also looking forward to Persona 5.


Captain Karen
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I didn't really play many games this year, as a hobby, gaming has really taken a back seat to anime now. I'd probably say I enjoyed Fallout 4 the most but I think the only games I've played that came out this year are Fallout 4 and Rock Band 4 :p
I think it's between Bloodborne, The Witcher 3 and Ori and the Blind Forest for me, not sure I could decide between them tbh. Truth be told, I buy a lot more games than I actually play now days, I'm not even sure I've completed more than 10 games this year if I'm honest.


State Alchemist
My rough list:

Her Story
Until Dawn
Super Mario Maker
The Taken King

Special mention to Crypt of the Necrodancer, which came out of EA this year but hasn't "felt" like a 2015 game to me because of that.


Magical Girl
My favourite was also Fallout 4. I got the platinum yesterday and I've put 50+ hours into it, Yet I've still barely scratched the surface of how much content is in this game! Sure, its very similar to Fallout 3 but that's exactly what I wanted it to be!

2nd was Life is Strange. The story was one of the best I've experienced in gaming. Very rarely have I grown so attached to characters (In any medium). Loved it!

3rd was Rocket League. Wasn't expecting much from this but its probably the funnest thing I've played all year! I thought it might get boring after a few days but I'm still playing it almost every day!
Sorry for the length, but I posted this over on another forum I use in a thread I made so it's a bit lengthy!

Game of The Year

Citizens of Earth (PS Vita via PSN) - Excellent RPG in the mould of Earthbound. Wide variety of characters, locations and quests, and with a great main storyline which is full of humour. Top notch battle system with each of the different citizens bringing something new to the table, fantastic visual style (imo) and a catchy soundtrack

Honourable mentions:

Shovel Knight (PS4) - Excellent retro style platformer. Great gameplay, brilliant soundtrack and just a whole lot of fun

Zombi (PS4) - Didn't give it a fair go on the Wii U, but loved this port. Great atmosphere.

Steins; Gate (PS Vita) - excellent plot and loads of different endings.

Dying Light (PS4) - Excellent traversal system, really enjoyable combat, and great night/day gameplay design.

Most Anticipated 2016 Title

The Legend of Zelda (Wii U) - My pick for last year as well, but seeing as this was delayed I get to choose it again! Artstyle looks great, open world will apparently be much improved compared to previous versions. DOn't know much about it, but it's Zelda, so it has to be number 1 for me!

Honourable mentions:

Ratchet and Clank (PS4) - Been waiting for this for a couple of years now. Looks like a CGI movie in action, can't wait for some 3D platforming/shooting goodness!

Yakuza 6/Nier Automata (PS4) - Grouping these together as the likelihood they'll be released in teh west next year is low, but both are hype inducing **** for me.

Cuphead (PC) - Just looks amazing in motion, old school Disney style animation.

Best game played this year released pre-2015

Mario and Luigi: SUperstar Saga (GBA) - Excellent Mario RPG, start of a rather fantastic series (all 3 could be up for this but I decided to just pick one). Charming game with catchy music, great cast of characters and excellent combat system.

Honourable Mentions:

Ys Memories of Celceta (PS Vita) - One of the best action RPG tiles I have played. Huge free roam world, addictive combat and a very good plot.

Professor Layton and The Lost Future (DS) - Best Layton story by far. Again, I could have put all 4 DS games up here as they're just great fun.

The Wolf Among Us (PS Vita) - Best Telltale game I have played. Excellent art design and soundtrack, and a damn good story with great characters to boot.


Karamatsu Boy
If we're counting games we didn't play/finish until 2015 I'm also nominating the second Danganronpa as I had a great time with it!

My "2015's 2014 GOTY" would be Phantasy Star Nova

Azar+ said:
2nd was Life is Strange. The story was one of the best I've experienced in gaming. Very rarely have I grown so attached to characters (In any medium). Loved it!
I really need to play the last couple of episodes of this, I will probably look back and think it should have made my list, too.

Rui said:
though I also enjoyed Undertale
I don't know how I feel about Undertale. For me it was very much a game that I wish I'd played before I had been exposed to the hype.


Karamatsu Boy
ilmaestro said:
I don't know how I feel about Undertale. For me it was very much a game that I wish I'd played before I had been exposed to the hype.
There are some advantages to living in a cave, it must be said. I'm the only person I know who has played it.



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Game of the year for me would probably be Yoshi's Woolly World or Disgaea 5.

I've played a lot of lot of games this year but not finished a lot, and still have games from 2014 to finish which I have yet to get around to... I did finish Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. as well as Persona 4 Golden though (both the best ending and hit one of the bad endings beforehand), which I'm quite happy about. I'm also likely to finish the next Mario & Luigi game over the Christmas holidays, so that'll be nice even if I am disappointed in it being a bit of a short game. :)

Most anticipated games for me would probably be Fire Emblem Fates, The Legend of Zelda U and Persona 5.

Next year I definitely need to spend more time actually completing games though. xD

*Edit* Looking back over the previous posts I realise Life is Strange would probably have been game of the year if I'd played more than just the demo... I'd intended to buy it once the last episode was released but then a special edition got announced for January and I'm holding out for it.