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Hi Guys
Got a bundle of 2000-2010s era anime to move on, and figured someone here might fancy the entire bundle

All are in great condition, only minor exception is that the Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful volumes were clearance from the publisher, and they sent a reprinted cover for one disc (which is why the second series is incomplete as they couldn't find vol 2). All discs are 100% genuine, and all the singles are MVM.

All the boxed series have been watched ONCE through (at most) and thus condition is as would be expected - EXCELLENT, they have simply sat on my shelf since purchase until I recently got round to watching them.

All the singles are unwatched; I bought them as spares/extras/lucky dips, and kept them incase I ever needed them. Given how out of print most of these shows may well be now though, they may be ideal disc replacements for those with damaged discs, or for sampler content!

Due to the age, many of these shows can either not be bought new anymore, or are import only. Berserk especially in this version, with this cover, appears to be going to A LOT on eBay right now (45 copies sold at $150!!), but I am not a scalper so I have asked for a more reasonable amount!


Boxed series:
Murder Princess – Funimation – DVD – Region 1 -£10
Burst Angel + Infinity – MVM – DVD – Region 2 - £10
Ef – Tale of Melodies – Sentai Filmworks – Bluray – Region A £20
MahoRomantic Automatic Maiden – ADV Films – DVD – Region 2 - £5
MahoRomatic Automatic Maiden Something More Beautiful MVM (Disc 1+3) – DVD – Region 2 (please note missing disc 2) - £5
Black Blood Brothers – Funimation – Bluray – Region A - £10
Berserk Complete Series Collection Remastered – Anime Works – DVD – Region 1 - £40
Steins: Gate Part 1 (Eps 1-12) – Manga – Bluray – Region B (SEALED, NEW) - £8

DISCS: (Loose in sleeves), all Region 2 DVD, All New and Unwatched

Solty Rei Vol 1 and 4(2 copies of 4)
Blade of the Immortal Vol 1+2
Witchblade Vol 3
Ninja Scroll Deliverance (Vol 3)
Samurai 7 Vol 3
Elemental Gelade Vol 2, 4
Saiyuki Reload Vol 7
FLCL Vol 3
Slayers Vol 2 (x2)
Slayers Next Vol 1,2,3
Shakugan no Shana Vol 4,6
ROD the TV Series, Vol 6
Gungrave Vol 7
Tenjho Tenge Vol 3
Romeo X Juliet Vol 2
Desert Punk Vol 1,2,4 (2 copies of 4)
Aquarion Vol 3
GunXSword Vol 2
Starship Operators Vol 1,3 (3 copies of 3)
Ergo Proxy Vol 2
Tower of Druaga Vol 6

£21 for ALL DISCS

I've listed INDIVIDUAL prices above, BUT if you BUY THE BUNDLE - as in EVERYTHING, you get the below pricing.

Looking for £90 Collected (from Milton Keynes, UK) for the ENTIRE BUNDLE or £100 Delivered inside the UK

Any queries, offers, or you'd like to see pictures, please let me know.
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Straw Hat Pirate
As we are now a week later I've done a slight price drop on the bundle prior to individual prices going up, and will also consider a separate eBay listing, as would really like to shift this as a bundle if at all possible.
Am sure for the right person, this is definitely a worthwhile bundle!