11 - 13th November 05 EirtaKon Ireland

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The Dublin City University's Anime & Manga Soc are hosting the RoI's first ever Anime convention on campus in Dublin.

Groups from all around Ireland have come together to ensure that this will be a success and to give an idea of what you will find here are some of the events we will be running

We will be having 10 anime screens set up, with one dedicated to just Naruto There will be themed rooms ( 'old school' ) and special screenings etc - to sum up, LOTS of anime!:)

We will also have a hall set up that will see Sub City and the Third Place (vendors) set up alongside stands for our associates ( Trinity DUCCS.. ) who will be running a mini event on their stand! In the middle of the hall there will be games run by the DCU's GamesSoc STOCS socities - from MangaManga, BESM to PS2's and GameCubes by projector. Also Giant Robot Melee will be making an appearence!

Being on campus there is a SPAR right there, a canteen around the corner and two College Bars. Also across the road we have EuroSpar, Chippers - the usual stuff, also pizza is able to be delivered! And there is also accomadation on campus avaible - Deluxe that is :D

We have also got a brand spanking new radio station so be prepared to listen to ConRadio! The studio will also be the siet for our Anime Fandubbing Compeition - how good are you? This is being hosted by the DCU Media Production Society.
We will be having an exabition around our Student Center (the bars and hall are inside) showing off Fan Art, anime history, Japanese Bazaar etc!

You will also see AMV competitions, Open category and College category. Cosplay, cosplay competitions, Table Quizes, Charity Raffle - and lots more. Now I kope I have wetted your appetite for now .

And before I forget the convention will be running from Friday 15th of July to Sunday 17th. :)

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Though i should update this to let anyone who is interested know that the dates have been changed to November 11-13, again Friday to Sunday, if someone could edit the topic title it would be a great help, thanks.

Also ill post up more news as we have more details
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