1 year on AUKN! A bit about me!


Hey everyone!

First off, hope it’s okay that I post this.
So today marks 1 year for me on this forum and it’s been a great year.
When I first joined, I didn’t do this whole introduction thing (tbh I didn’t even know it existed lol).
So I thought that I might as well tell you guys a bit about me!
My name, also my username, is Farzam and yeah… I’m born in 1999, so I’m 19 years old.

I first started collecting physical media in 2011, but I sold all my titles in late 2014. I thought streaming was good enough, but yeah not at all. Not good enough PQ and the selection was terrible.
I got into collecting again in December of 2016 and have been collecting ever since.
My first anime titles were in October 2017, where I got Pokémon on blu-ray and it has just expanded since then.
That said, Pokémon and Dragon Ball (Z) was my first ever experience with anime, when I was a child.

Ever since my first anime title, I’ve just acquired more and more almost each month. But around July (or so) I was kind of “put off” by it, but suddenly got my interest back last month lol.
I did learn that it was about having anime that I like, other than just have anime for the sake of having it on shelf.
I do want to learn of more titles, but I’ve through many titles that I found interesting.
I’ll continue with purchasing anime of course, but when I get everything I have on the way to me, my wishlist will be quite small. I think most stuff will come as impulse buys, when there are good deals.

On a bit of a more personal side, as stated I’m 19 years old. I’ve begun to study Civil Engineering, well that’s the name of the English line at my University.
It’s more Building Engineering that I study. I have got exams here in January, which also marks the end of my first semester (out of seven).
Most of you may have noticed (only just a bit), that my favourite actor is Jackie Chan that’s why I went for a complete collection of his titles.
I understood, as with anime, that it was about the films that I enjoyed to watch, not just to have it on the shelf. So my Chan collection has almost been halved in size.

All that being told, I’ve really enjoyed the last year on this forum. A lot of nice and friendly users here. It’s a great community! - and I’m glad that I can be a part of it.
Oh yeah, and thanks for the read.




Mad Scientist
Good to hear a bit more about you, dude. 👍

And I can totally get onboard with the quality-over-quantity thing. I'm like that myself.

Nice to have you around, and good luck with the exams. :)


Thousand Master
Back in the day streaming wasn't an option and the only way to acquire anime was to buy a physical copy. I'm in the process of getting rid of my old DVDs (all the 7 volume ADV titles) but replacing some with the BD. Streaming works for me to watch things on a weekly basis, and then I buy the ones I want to sit on my shelf.
As Neil says, good luck on your exams and you're not a stranger anymore so don't start to be one.


Mad Scientist
Streaming works for me to watch things on a weekly basis, and then I buy the ones I want to sit on my shelf.
That's a really good method, I reckon. Streaming's good for sampling, I think, and then you can pick the most enduring titles to own physical copies of.

I'd add to that that I'm often tempted to put series I'm enjoying on Crunchyroll on hold, and then hold out for a physical release. That adds a bit of extra value to the BDs. :)

But then I'm a patient person by nature. :p


Straw Hat Pirate
I never buy anime blindly, so streaming is the reason I even buy anime.

I like to own physical media of the ones I enjoyed afterwards.


Thanks for the good luck guys, I'll need it lol.

I do blind buy a lot of things, but when I've got the oppurtunity I check out a bit of it on streaming.
Say it's an anime show, I check 2-3 episodes, and see if it catches my interest. If it's a movie, then I tend to watch around half of it.
Then I buy the physcial release, I don't support streaming either, so I use my brother's account hehe.

Just thought this was a fun thing to do, as it's my 1 year anniversary here! :D


School Idol
Have fun at University my man, those were the best years of my life.

As for the topic on buying anime, I generally don't blind buy but the Mystery boxes are my exceptions for now :3