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    Manga and Figures to sell

    Yea,I saw that the post was in 2016,but I forgot to check if he was still active.
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    Manga and Figures to sell

    Hey,I'd be interested in Toradora,Claymore and Bloody monday if you still have them.
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    Massive Manga Clearout

    I dont know if you still have them but I'd be interested in Petshop of horrors and Ghost hunt and maybe The demon ororon.If you are willing to ship outside UK (still inside EU) I'd be happy to take at least the first 2 mentioned.Transaction made with paypal of course.
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    My figures collection.

    I was thinking I should buy some too,whats a good place with fair prices ?
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    What did you BUY today?

    I just got the first 2 volumes of Battle angel Alita deluxe and man,they are pretty big.I was almost scared they wouldnt fit.
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    Best place to buy light novels and manga ?

    Late to the party,but I've wanted to buy from there for a while,but I'm really afraid of customs.The site directs me to the .com one,do they ship from UK if I'm in EU ? More accurately,are there any import fees ?
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    Luna's Search & Sale pile

    Hello,I was wondering if you would want to ship to Romania ? (Its in EU) If I understand correctly, packages up to 5kg are 18€.If you do want to ship to me,can I ask what the prices are for these ? -Non-non biyori 1-2(manga) -Yamada-kun and the seven witches 1-9 -Bakemonogatari 1-3...