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    Anyone watching this? I find that most people seem to be backing away slowly due to it having a bit of a 'High School Musical' feel, but personally I'm really loving it! It's an up-lifter and it makes me smile :) Everyone else's opinions? <object width="640" height="385"><param...
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    Mutsumi! It's been a while :D
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    Name the Bands You're Ashamed to Listen to

    I love SNSD! Not really ashamed of listening to them but I always get weird looks on the bus if the music is up loud. I really like the Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and 4Minute at the moment...I'm a K-Pop junkie :D Things I am ashamed of: Alcazar Glee Songs (Always make me smile) Kanye West (I...
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    About £5 for standard posting :)
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    Hi there, not been around for a while due to sort of growing out of Anime and Manga and so here I am selling a few of my old books and DVDs. (Please let me know what you want, then we'll discuss postage) Anime DVDs: Excel Saga 1 & 2 - £2.50 each or £5 together. Mahoromantic 1 - £2...
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    I seeketh eBay advice

    Sorry for wanting this place to stay relatively friendly and swear free. ffs.
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    I seeketh eBay advice

    Spoiler-ed the C word out. Please don't use such offensive language. I think you should pay the £4. There's no point starting a useless arguement
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    A ******* TREMOR just hit the area.

    Had just gone to bed when my house started shaking o.o I ran to my doorway and started shouting 'Why the F%* is the house shaking?' Scared the bejeezers outta me.
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    Auntie Bonnie 2 x:

    lol? Is that good or bad?
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    Auntie Bonnie 2 x:

    I couldn't find my old topic about me being a new Auntie and all that. (Please give me a break, I'm not well Dx ) Anywhoo, my sister gave birth on the 6th of February to a gorgeous baby girl named Elanor :] She is 8 Pounds 8 Ounces (A big baby =D) and is healthy and happy as is her mummy...
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    Valentines Day Present Ideas please

    Make her a CD of different love songs. Tis what I am doing for my hubby x]]
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    Sarah Silverman Hillarious

    lol, I hate Sarah Silverman usually but I love this :]]]
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    Pics, everyone

    Thanks ^^
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    Forgotten favorites that deserve another listen

    I just love how you always have something positive and useful to say. My old favourites would be be She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 and These Words by Natasha Bedingfield which always remind me of a really good summer I had. And Wherever you will go by the Calling.
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    Pics, everyone

    Scary Over-Exposed me. It's meant to look like that ;)
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    ~The avatar thread~

    My cat Icarus, yawning. [Pronounced Ick-car-uss]
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    Woohoo I won

    Congratulations x] And if all else fails, you can sell the XBox game brand new and get monies o: lol
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    likes to eat seaweed while bungee jumping. Yeah, I went there XD
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    Auntie Bonnie ^^

    I know this is of no real importanc,e on an Anime forum and all that but I just wanted to celebrate the fact that I am very soon about to become an Auntie xD My sister is in Labour with her first child (A girl, Elie or Elie-Belly as I like to call her) and hopefully will be giving birth...
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    Pics, everyone

    Thank you! *Blush* Kurogane, cut your hair o.o