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    Guys help - Dead Rising crashing "Disc needs cleaning&q

    Sounds like your 360 has broken to be honest with you, its not really a system that likes being touched, moved, breathed on heavily and appears to sometimes just break randomly in certain circumstances. In all seriousness there were reports that Dead Rising caused a lot of problems for 360's...
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    Xbox Live Gamers

    I dont really use it much but "Mangaminx" is my highly original gamertag if people do want to add me.
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    Co-op games

    Its not Rare's most amazing offering but Perfect Dark Zero on the 360 is fun co-op.
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    3 months with no anime or manga....and still counting.

    To be honest my love of anime lessened considerably since around the Spring anime season in Japan based largely on the fact nothing coming out has interested me whatsoever. I still read manga (mainly scans, as its pretty rare for some of the obscure titles I read to get licensed) and there are a...
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    The Shojo Manga Thread

    It has incest themes
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    Nexgenwars - Who will win?

    While it's way to early to call winner in the console wars (to be honest I think that all companies will survive, but Microsoft and Nintendo will take a larger chunk of Sony's market share evening things out) the PS3 launch hasn't exactly been inspiring from the current market leader, the games...
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    PS3 Pricedrop! For Japan only.

    I've had fun playing the 360 but to be perfectly honest while I have had enjoyed myself I can't truly say that any game is "next-gen" yet. Kameo? Yup I loved it was fun to play.. but not as good as Rare's N64 outings and certainly not revolutionary. Same goes for Perfect Dark Zero. Just been...
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    Manga Sale!

    Will be adding more to this over the next few days so keep checking back! PM me if interested. Up for sale: Chobits 1-8 English Language Manga (complete series) £3 a volume or £20 for the entire series. (HELD TILL SUNDAY) Berserk 1-7 English Language Manga £4 a volume or all the...
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    Of course I love you ;) Melainy never ever wins at dead or alive 4
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    adamcube likes to go swimming in jelly!
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    All this slander ;) Melainy often dreams of painting everything she owns pink
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    That's like... so not true!!!! Melainy knows the words to all songs performed by "Aqua"
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    Melainy harbours a secret love of Marmite!
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    Robin Hood - New BBC Series

    I thought it was pretty bad, uninspiring acting, rather dull overall and just not a patch on the previous BBC adaptation (which was just fantastic) back in the 80's.
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    New ADV Films license

    I am actually pretty excited about Gokujou Seitokai, I enjoyed it on fansubs months ago and while it's hardly outstanding it rather weird sense of humour and the fact the lead is a glove puppet make things somewhat different.
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    New ADV Films license

    According to ANN, ADV Films have licensed school based comedy series Best Student Council (aka Gokujou Seitokai) for US release. The series is due to launch in the US in early 2007.
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    Can't decide - any good?

    Kiddy Grade:- It can be fairly entertaining at times, but kinda abandons most of its potential for a dire ending. Last Exile:- This was a good fantasy anime throughout with a decent cast and some great episodes. Main problem for me was the ending was once again bad. Genshiken:- Probably...
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    Nadesico Complete Chronicles

    The R1 release was released in an "Anime Legends" collection in 3 volumes
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    Is Madlax any good?

    Personally I think Madlax, has more likeable characters than Noir, and a slightly better storyline to boot. But ultimately it's more of the same, a slow moving plot, invincible characters doing impossible gun moves and rather obsessive girls with purple hair.
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    PS3 Pricedrop! For Japan only.

    The 360 and Japan imho will probably never get on, the rather sizable wave of JRPG's hitting the 360 this year and in 2007 may go some way as to changing that, but I don't really feel the Japanese are ever going to be that keen on a Western console. That said im personally glad as a 360 owner...