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    Revelation Films delay releases until 2009

    Revelation Films: What's a cow?
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    Patlabor and Makoto Shinkai screenings in Edinburgh

    Sorry if this has already been pointed out; didn't see another thread about it. On the 10th of November, there's going to be a screening of Mamoru Oshii's Patlabor movie at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh (on Lothian Rd), at 11pm. Also, on the 17th there's going to be a Makoto Shinkai...
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    Editorial: Naruto and The Future of the UK Anime Industry

    I would like to humbly suggest that everyone calms the **** down. Okay, there were edits. Above and beyond the US version. So what? You people are looking at this all wrong. Anime on TV isn't an end in itself. It's a means to bring more people into the fold. How many of us UK fans got...
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    Editorial: Naruto and The Future of the UK Anime Industry

    I can't help but feel we're putting every hope we have on Naruto. Even considering I personally loathe the show, I've still got my fingers crossed. As far as anime on TV goes, Naruto is the proof of concept - that if you market the show properly, give it a reasonable timeslot and put it on a...
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    Japanese School Girls invade UK TV with advanced technology

    It was just a pilot according to an email I got, apparently from one of the Japanese Schoolgirls themselves.
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    Naruto debuts on UK TV today

    The Jetix TV guide (on their website) says it starts at 8pm - I'd be more inclined to go with their schedule.
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    Japanese School Girls invade UK TV with advanced technology

    I don't think this is a regular show - it's not on next Tuesday's listings, at least. It will be repeated a bunch of times on Friday, though.
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    American producers look to remake Battle Royale

    I wouldn't have thought Yukihiro "Nobu" Kotani looked particularly nerdy, at least not in a "realistic" sense. Like Kiriyama? Like Shougo Kawada? He's not so much "nerd", but he is an outsider. Shuya Nanahara? I know he didn't actually kill anybody except Kitano, but you've basically described...
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    TokyoPop anime to be released in the UK?

    I had a feeling this was coming after the Tokyopop/FUNimation distribution deal in the US. My first reaction was that MVM might get a chance to bring some of Tokyopop's anime out in the UK... Given their ties to FUNimation, I thought MVM might have something on the cards, plus they're the...
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    News from the London Expo

    What exactly is Petite Cosette?
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    Jetix UK to air Naruto this year

    I've spent the last 20 minutes poking around the Jetix page linked by's article, and I can't find anything about Naruto. Their article was posted on the 8th, though - maybe the info was slipped and has been taken down since?
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    Japanese anime fan sends disturbing message to TV station

    The program in question - I don't know which show it was - was only delayed by 30 minutes. The problem, I believe, is that the guy's video machine was programmed, and therefore he missed his show.
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    Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue is my favourite anime movie ever. I must have watched it more than 100 times (no, really).
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    Cowboy Bebop Movie on Sci-Fi TV UK?

    I think SciFi could do well with anime; there's plenty of stuff out there that would fit into their schedule without any problems, even beyond the obvious "giant robot" stuff. They've got plenty of "supernatural" things (not least their new "Medium" series), so I can see something like...
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    Cowboy Bebop Movie on Sci-Fi TV UK?

    Not quite "uncut" - I remember at least one instance of swearing being removed. I was surprised to see how much they left in, though.
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    Latest ADV Films license

    I have the first volume of that from the States, but haven't gotten round to watching it yet. I saw the opening episode on a NewType disc, and it seemed interesting, but it's really the dub cast that I'm interested in more than the show itself.
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    BBFC edit Paranoia Agent Volume 3

    Don't tell the BBFC!
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    Oban Star-Racers to air on UK TV this autumn

    What language is it going to be shown in? I can't see Jetix screening it subtitled, in either Japanese or French, and ANN doesn't make any mention of an American or UK license-holder who might dub it...
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    BBFC edit Paranoia Agent Volume 3

    The VRA1984 doesn't apply to imports; it's limitations are only applied to retailers in the UK; it's not illegal to buy unrated material (from the US, for instance), only to sell it. It's not illegal to import either - so long as you pay the applicable HRMC&E value.
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    BBFC edit Paranoia Agent Volume 3

    Get off your paranoid conspiracy, guys - they cut it because hanging is an "imitable technique" that doesn't necessarily require you to break the law first, and kids might try it if it seems like a laugh. Yes, it's an 18-rated DVD, but how many people here never saw an 18 film before they were 18?