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    Jigglypuff's music reaches the American masses

    I saw this, it was one of those moments on TV that you can't bear to watch cuz you feel kinda embarrassed for the guy singing it.
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    Sami's Draaawings!

    Wow, That fruits basket one is incredible :)
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    im so embarrased!

    I would also recommend Berserk as it is not only does it have everything you want but its also one of the greatest anime series of all time. I would also recommend FOTNS, Gantz and Elfen Lied for gore/fighting
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    SNES: Super Mario World / Donkey Kong Country N64: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gamecube: Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker Dreamcast: Shenmue PS: Oddworld PS2: hard to say... Xbox: Dead or Alive 3 Its hard to pick one favourite but Super Mario World on the SNES has a place in my...
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    Giving Up On the Ol' Anime And Manga.........

    I don't think you should give up on anime if you enjoy it. If watching anime and reading manga etc makes life more interesting and fun then why deprive yourself just because your friends don't like it. So maybe anime isn't the 'coolest' thing out there but who cares? I am not gonna lie, I...
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    HI there!

    Welcome to the forums and happy christmas.
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    Which manga would you most like to see made into an anime?

    I strongly second that!! We must have more Berserk!!
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    Which manga would you most like to see made into an anime?

    Demon Ororon would make an excellent anime I think, but I also think that a second series of fruits basket would be good too.
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    Eva is a must-see in that it has large following and therefore deserves to be given a chance by most anime fans, as you can't go on any anime website without some mention of Evangelion. Its pretty good but compaerd to alot of series aroung at the moment its start to feel a little old.
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    Wolf's Rain (on Rapture) discussion

    I am prefering Wolfs Rain at the moment rather than FMA, I love the characters more than the FMA ones.
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    Metal Gear fans i need your help!

    You should deffinately play MGS1 as it ties in greatly with MGS2
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    Resident Evil DS

    OMG that looks amazing, the first person perpective looks really cool, so do the new puzzles.
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Can someone help me???

    I would recommend Noir or Madlax, both excellent (especially Madlax)
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    Manga UK £2 VHS sale

    Can't say I am very interested in VHS but the fact that they are goin for £2 isn't bad at all. I think I saw a anime video in HMV once, it was Urotsukidoji I think
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    12th December UK anime releases

    got the wolfs rain DVDs coming in the post, have to wait till christmas till I am allowed them tho...
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    GITS 2: Innocence dvd

    The GITS 1 dvd that comes as part of this DVd is called special edition. Anyone knoiw if its gonna be different from the one Manga has already released?
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    I think the advantage of dubs is that they allow anime to branch out to a wider audience who otherwise could become put off by subtitles so dubs do have there advantages.
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    hi ^^

    Welcome to the forums :)
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    Konnichiwa Minasan!

    Welcome to the forums, cool avatar by the way :)