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    Few rarer manga titles for sale/trade

    I would prefer trading. Air gear volume 21 - £24.99 + £2.50 postage Cowboy bebop Volume 1-3 £45 + £2.50 postage Fire force volume 1 Aki bento excluisve £50 + £2.50 postage (Last 2 i can find sold for £65+, slight bit of damage) pictures can be provided i will keep this thread updates
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    Manga trading

    Currently looking to trade some manga series. My hero academia 2-24, 27&28 Soul eater volume 1 Soul eater not volume 2 Leave a post or message me what you have to trade, thanks
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    Looking for manga

    If anyone has any manga collections that they are selling could you reply to thread or message me with name and price please
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    Funko pop sales/trade

    Boruto funko pop Sarada funko pop Mitsuki funko pop All are brand new open to trade for other anime pops or open to offers
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    Looking for

    Currently looking to see if anyone is selling the baccano hardback novels & welcome to the nhk Novel I have volumes 1,3,4,5,6& 12 of baccano and am looking for the rest
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    Anime games sale/trade

    Looking to sell/trade Croixleur sigma - limited run games School girl zombie hunters Defenders quest - limited run games Looking for Gravity rush remastered but open to other trades just tell me what you have also open to offers on the price
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    Open to offers if anyone is interested an can provide photos will be listing more items soon
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    Looking to sell my tales of berseria collector's edition very good condition comes with everything it's supposed too looking £80 plus 5 shipping
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    Few bits for sale

    They were the dvds editions but no longer have the dvds or cases just the outer box and episode guide hardback
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    Few bits for sale

    Shaman king japanese manga missing 2 volumes + flowers 1-3 £29.99 Welcome to the nhk artbox volumes 1-5 £14.99 Lucky star volume 1 -offers Nami wall scroll official - 14.99 Shaman king flowers volumes 1-6 £14.99 Toradora nis premium edition 1&2 comes with limited edition box and episode...
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    The *Im looking for* thread.

    Looking for pokemon soul silver or heart gold boxed or unboxed
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    Getting rid of my last few items

    Senran Kagura shinovi versus lets get physical editio ps vita - £30 Enel figuarts zero figure like new only been displayed -£40 Simca & ringo excellent model figures £35 simcas peg is broke but still stands Haganai volumes 1,2,3,5, log horizon volume1, Highschool DxD 1,2 mayo chiki volume 1...
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    Whole collection sale!

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    Whole collection sale!

    Ill get you some pictures sent, there basically brand new, postage will be about £10 they are quite heavy
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    Whole collection sale!

    Sorry would rather get rid of them as a set :)
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    Whole collection sale!

    Some items are free postage some arent, message me i can provide pictures for all items ANIME FMP Bluray seasons 1-3 R1 £17 Needless Part 2 blu ray R1 £5 bleach seasons 1-11 13-14 part 1 £55 The familiar of zero season 1 blu ray R1 £10 Air gear complete series with art box R1 £13 Weclome to...
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    Only just seen this, still interested? adjusted prices
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    Air gear manga 1-35 £180 Bleach 1-42 £40 Naruto 1-55 £40 Shaman king 1-32 £70 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Black Magician Girl - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)£50 Air Gear - Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Mask Ver. (Yamato) £70 Erza scarlett swimsuit - £90 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Kashiwazaki Sena - 1/8 -...
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    Anime, manga game sale

    reduced most thing region free player now 50
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    Anime, manga game sale