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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains ... anime.list Asda sale only on Kino's Journey, Rune Soldier and Rahxephon.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    me too although i won't get it done any time soon. Playing Motorstorm as i just got a PS3! yay for student loan.
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    Worst Video games ever

    Very true, theres some good videos of it on youtube although it makes for painful watching.
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    Xbox 360 Elite - waste of money?

    i might buy one of those black controllers they look nice but i'm really not that bothered about a slight increase in graphics quality (if thats what the HDMI thing means) and i'm fine with 20gb.
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    dead rising [XBOX 360]

    I agree with what they said, it's fun for a while but becomes very repetative, probably worth renting but i wouldn't buy it.
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    Xbox 360

    are you refering to the intercooler and fan things you can buy becasue i heard that those actually make things worse :shock:.
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    Xbox 360

    True i guess i assumed you meant the PS2 so you are right the PS1 was a fairly reliable console although some people had laser problems and had to turn the console upsidedown to play anything. My PS2 lasted about a year before it started the intensly anoying disc read error.
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    Xbox 360

    i beg to differ, gamecubes don't break thats true but many PS2's had the horrible disc "read error problem" including mine and almost everyone i know that has/had one.
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    Xbox 360

    Mine's not broken yet but then it is under a month old, i have heard of people on their 7th!! 360, for some reson Microsoft just send them crappy broken ones back.
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    Xbox 360

    Yeah get one but if your worried about price them remember theres more to pay after the price of the console because i did really think about it and heres how it worked out for me: Xbox 360 premium = 270 extra controller and PGR3 = 30 Gears of War = 25 vga cable = 20 quick charge battery...
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    the future of video gaming

    Can you imagine how much fun Crackdown would be with fully destructable environments?
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    the future of video gaming

    Just in case anyones interested i noticed Eurogamer have a competition to win some amBX stuff EG Comp.
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    the link didn't seem work for me? I did notice that the hmv site has Last Exile volumes for £8.99 each which is the cheapest place i've seen them.
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    Anime Survey (Project research, hope you join in) thanks ^_^

    Age: 20 Do you watch Anime? yes Where do you watch anime? DVD fansubs Do you also read Manga? no What genre/s of Anime or Manga you enjoy? sci-fi Mecha/Robot Action What you want to see on an anime website? Reviews Fan Art Images Summary Plot Forum Where to buy or watch...
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    Plans for 2007?

    I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons Halo was so critically aclaimed was the good AI and i'm not sure what to make of "just an FPS"? in fact are you thinking of Perfect Dark Zero?
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    Plans for 2007?

    Definetly list: Supreme Commander HALO 3 Fable 2 (if it makes it this year) Grand Theft Auto IV maybe list: Spore Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Armored Core 4
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    the future of video gaming

    I think AMBX sounds like a good idea but i doubt it really creates that emersive experince the marketing guys would have you believe.
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    Think Consoles Nowadays are Expensive?

    I still do because my 360 is the first home console i actually bought myself, the Commadore 64, Mastersystem, Megadrive, PS1, N64, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox were all either bought by/with family members or gifts so the £300 i just spent on my 360 seemed like a lot.
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    If you had to pick videogames or anime?

    Videogames, i'm definetly more of a gamer than an... otaku? anyway i always have and i don't think any hobby could take over gaming for me, i'm even doing a degree in games design.
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    Xbox 360 Games for sale

    pm'ed you about Viva Pinata.