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    What are you watching right now

    What an awesome show.
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    Heroes TV Series

    Anyone watch the new eps, they were pretty awesome.
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    The .... How you find a girlfriend Thread

    You greedy fiend!!!!
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Packing for Uni. . . i thought i had more stuff than this:(
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    The .... How you find a girlfriend Thread

    I'm still here.
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    None of the stages are too in depth but are really fun to play. You can make the creature creator really in depth and create some awesome animals. Imagine this to be the sims but with monsters instead.
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    what movies are you most lookin forward too

    Saw the trailer for Quantum of Solice when i saw Pineapple express and it looked amazing. Also want to see Burn after reading.
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    The day the Earth stood still (remake)

    I'm actually quite excited about this, the original was a classic and i doubt this will be as good as it but still it looks pretty good. Fox have put up around 7 minutes of it in not to good quality: ... tood-still Does anyone else agree that...
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    I've got it and while some of the stages are brilliant some of them (tribal) really let it down. Has the best creation system in any game. Ever.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Tropic Thunder 8/10 One of the funniest movies in the year and has some hilarious one liners (when you were writing love tha pussy, did you imagine you were dangling your dice over Lances forhead?). Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious in it and its good to see Jack Black not being Jack Black for a...
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    Can i be the host of celebrity battle royale? "And down goes Chico, that mace got him right between the legs, and oh my God, Lisa Scott Lee takes down 7 with her make shift grenade, and now a word from our sponser. . . "
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    Count to a Million

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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Viva Pinata: Trouble in paradise. I LOVE Viva pinata. Edit: Please imagine that last sentence being said in a very campy voice. That is all.
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Can't decide on what to see tomorrow: Pineapple Express or Tropic Thunder (i wanna see thunder but all my mates wanna see express).
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    The .... How you find a girlfriend Thread

    You wanna know what i think (probably not): X FILES RUULLLLZZZZZ!!!!!!
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    ~The avatar thread~

    A scared solider from Metal Slug
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Shoot 'em up 8/10 Imagine a porn script but the words cock and vagina changed to bullets and blood. Great fun.
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    Count to a Million

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    Anime Resourses for the UK
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    Another Generic Introduction Thread o.o

    Hey, welcome to the forum.