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    What you guys doing right now.

    Watching Southpark...again and listening to Blur Coffee and TV.
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    Significant Dreams :O

    Iv'e had something like that. but I was riding a camel with a croquet mallet...that was a strange dream
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Just woke up, flattening my stupid fringe! Checking my mail, listening to Panic...I think it's making me more awake lol! Gonna go eat something with jam on it!!
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    Wii to buy or not to buy?

    BUY BUY BUY! Me and a group of my friend had a wii party, was so much fun!
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    Favourite/worst game ending.

    Final Fantasy 8 definatly! Project zero 2 crimson butterfly, that ending theme was beautiful! ...KINGDOM HEARTS 1 &2 ... Come on you knew it was coming.
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    Fashion websites

    J box maybe? Some of the tshirts are alright dunno if you'll get exactly what your looking for though.
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    Tokyo Underground

    I downloaded a couple of episodes. I thought it was alright, but it didn't really interest me as much as it could of and I soon just forgot to download the rest of it!
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    Kanye West recreates AKIRA in his latest music video

    ....what!!!! I havn't even looked at link yet but....WHAT!!! .... Okay looked. Well that sucked!! I love Akira, that makes me angry. Plus I like Daft punk! I hope people were injured. This has almost irritated me as much as when Lilly Allen covered Naive. That made me angry!!
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    The carpal tunnel of love- Fall out boy Where is my mind-Placebo Killswitch engage-The end of heart ache Sorry your not a winner-Enter shikari The Prayer-Block party Awake and dreaming-Finger Eleven Cute without the E-Taking back Sunday Here in your arms-Hello goodbye I love alot of...
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    Significant Dreams :O

    I have the worst rewcurring nightmare. I may have mentioned it here before. It basically starts off with me feeling really cold, and waking up in this horrible dark corridor, the walls are really closed in, so it's so chlostrophobic. Then this really tall man who doesn't seem to have a face...
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    what did you do today ?

    Caught up on sleep. Twas very amazing. Had the weirdest dream about trying to hide from zombies in a dolls house.
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Listening to Mary without Sound trying to think of something worthwhile to do...really should start my summer project...but I have all summer!!!
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    Anyone going to May London Expo?

    Anyone see the condom ninja and the condom bandit? I hope you said hello.
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Nursing a twisted ankle and wondering when will I ever learn. Listening to Enter Shikari. Gritting my teeth over an interview tomorrow.
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Getting stressed at my printer...resisting urge to chuck it out the window...tis so tempting though.
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    Yeah that was a little how it was for me. PE at school was basically my time to mess around and not worry about any homework or my behavior, so I enjoyed everything!
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Got pins and needles in my leg!!! Listening to panic at the disco, talking on msn and trying to forget the work that really needs to be done. Filling another application form.
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    1 word to describe your day

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    Retarded moments.

    I have way too many of these. One of them was when I called my friends living cat by the name of her cat that had just died. I always got there names mixed up when both were living but this was just bad. When I got drunk and stole a lot of clothes out of a random wardrobe and paraded around in...
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    Sports... The only part of my body that properly exercises is probably my thumbs from much time spent on the playstation adn my legs cause unfortunatly I have to walk everywhere. When I did play I always liked to play team sports like football, basketball or netball even rugby! I just liked...