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    Revelation No Longer Distributing For Funimation?

    The deal between Manga and FUNimation is a licensing one rather than distribution. At the time the deal was to licence a number of shows whilst Revelation would continue to plod on with their schedule. If Manga were to continue distribution of these titles they would either start from the...
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    Haruhi on Youtube courtesy of Kadokawa.

    Rather than the manga I would read the novel, which is where the whole thing started. A translation was released earlier this year by Yen Press and the translation of the second novel is due later on this year (September or something like that).
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    MVM at London Expo

    Nope. Four. Slayers, Next, Try and the new one, Revolution. There seems to be a fifth one that started earlier this year too (Evolution-R) but that hadn't surfaced when this news originally came about.
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    First 5 eps of Gurren Lagann streaming now on

    DVD distribution rights and online streaming rights are very often unrelated to one-another. This is a good case-in-point since BEEZ are distributing Gurren Lagann in the UK on DVD but Manga have secured the online streaming rights (or reached a deal with Bandai/BEEZ to that effect).
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    School Rumble Series 3?

    As Arbalest noted, series 3 of School Rumble came down to a 2 episode OVA that apparently shipped with the final two volumes of the manga.
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    New Anime Releases 13/04/2009

    As I understand it BEEZ do have plans to bring out the .hack//GU OVA over here sometime later this year. It will be the only way we will e able to (legitimately) see the conclusion of the series, since the games are never going to surface over here.
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    Divergence eve... The boobs of destruction...

    Bear in mind that the series we had was the first of two series, which are wrapped up in Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles. The second series really screws with your mind while the first was relatively straight-forward. I have always maintained that this series would have been excellent if they...
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    Haruhi Light Novels to get english release.

    It is usually the case that hardback novels precede the paperbacks by a short while although a month, as seems to be how this is proceeding is quite a short time since it is quite often three or four months in my experience. It is like a special edition for avid book collectors with a...
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    Ghost In The Shell 2.0 and GITS Blu-rays

    As I said the "remastered" original is the equivalent of upscaling, hence no real advantage to getting a Blu-ray version or getting the DVD and running it through a Blu-ray/standard DVD player with upscaling. You will get approximately the same effect as the DVD version there. The only possible...
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    Ghost In The Shell 2.0 and GITS Blu-rays

    My understanding is it is the first film but with remastered and additional footage much like happened with the original Star Wars films. I am sure plenty of people will hate the idea whilst others will be interested or not either way. Innocence will be practically a straight transfer since the...
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    Haruhi Light Novels to get english release.

    The book is released under the Yen Press label. The actual translation work (if that is what you are asking) is credited to Chris Pai of MX Media LLC.
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    Ghost In The Shell 2.0 and GITS Blu-rays

    What do you mean by the original? 2.0 is essentially a "director's cut" of the original with spruced up animation/graphics using modern techniques by all accounts so there will probably not be an original version, which this is designed to replace. Certainly there would be no advantage to...
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    MVM to release Disgaea anime

    .hack is a very special case that was developed along four different mediums from the first concept. It was conceived as being told starting with the anime TV series, continued with an OVA series running alongside a game and finishing with a manga series, all of which was set within and around a...
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    MVM to release Disgaea anime

    An H-game that is all but unknown to the more general populace over here where there is no homegrown distributor catering to it. You cannot really compare an H-game that was only released in Japan as opposed to a game with a more general appeal that has seen a domestic release. Besides that MVM...
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    MVM to release Disgaea anime

    An anime based upon a reasonably popular game franchise will sell to a wider audience than a pure original anime title or an anime title based upon a manga. There are far more gamers in the UK than there are anime fans and manga fans combined (most of the manga fans intersect with the anime fans...
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    Review of Buso Renkin #1

    Personally I never put any stock in reviews. Anybody other than myself cannot possibly tell me what I will like. That is not to say that any particular reviews or reviewers are bad, just that the reviewer will be unlikely to have the exact same taste as myself. I will usually skim a review, if I...
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    What killed AnimeCentral?

    Not particularly true in any respect. What it comes down to is that they have a very strict view of how much a given title is worth. How they come up with this figure, I don't know but it is heavily dependant upon how much it cost to produce it. Given that the production budget of a 13 episode...
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    Valkyria Chronicles Anime

    It got cut off after the second (or third) volume because ADV lost a lot of their licences to FUNimation, that one included. It will probably resume release at some point in the future (FUNimation are looking at how to go about this at the moment for the prior ADV releases) but no word on how or...
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    MVM Interview

    The dual viewing thing stems back to incidents in the early 90s/late 80s where anime DVDs were habitually released with a dub not entirely in keeping with the literal translation used for the subtitled offering. This was perceived by the BBFC as an attempt to play the numbers and get an age...
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    Akira Blu-ray Region Free

    Something like that is fairly grey market since modifying equipment to circumvent protection is technically illegal (a test case was won by Sony with regards to chipped Playstation consoles some time back)... Really depends on whether the player has the capability built in and is activated in...