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    So many R1 dvds

    Hi everyone, I’ve been clearing out my attic and have a huge collection of R1 anime dvds circa 2009ish. Some UK stuff too. Mainly art boxes and some full collections. Is this stuff worth anything these days? I’d happily let it all go to a new home or put the whole lot up for auction in one go...
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    SD, HD, BR?

    In terms of detail, you're correct that you can't get any more detail, but it's all about how it's presented, most anime DVDs have been poorly encoded, not utilising all the available bitrate and thus having a lot of artifacts. Blu-ray can quadruple the bitrate of DVD if necessary, but SD...
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    Studio BONES at London Expo October!

    Why not ask the questions right here in this thread, so everyone can debate what the best ones/most worthy of being asked are? This is an amazing opportunity! Could you ask Masahiko Minami specifically, what his and his company's view on online distribution of anime is (for his own...
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    New Anime Releases 07/09/2009

    Yeah I mean all the stuff between cel and HD, the long SD era. 7 years of low quality 480 lines of data anime. : ( I agree, 100%.
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    New Anime Releases 07/09/2009

    They're more than that! Blu-ray's been out for a few years now, I wonder how long it took until universal DVD players started coming out after DVD arrived; that'd be a good estimate as to when cheap universal players will come into existence. I guess a PC Blu-ray reader hooked up to a TV...
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    New Anime Releases 07/09/2009

    This is the problem with this current generation. I have no idea what I'm going to do - either get on the import bandwagon and get an Oppo/hack it to play Region A and completely ignore the UK market, like I did for the whole DVD era since I realised how ****** UK DVDs are in comparison to US...
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    Rhythm Heaven box

    I was just wondering if anyone has this game, and did theirs also come with a slipcover around it? (with the same art as the actual case)
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    Sky HD Box

    Thanks for the input everyone : ) @ Jayme: Yeah my current box is a Pace one, didn't think to have a look on their site haha. I was going to say that getting anything but a box that uses the Sky EPG is out of the question, but on second thoughts maybe it's not, though I wouldn't have...
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    Sky HD Box

    So I got around to getting onto the HD bandwagon and now I have a lovely 32" 1080p TV but my current Sky box looks utter shite on it, so I was wondering if anyone who has a Sky HD box could recommend me a good make to get. I'm looking for the cheapest possible, and without any kind of hard...
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    20th Century Boys Part 2 @ ICA?

    Am I going completely crazy or did the ICA have several dates throughout September listed for Part 2 of 20thCB? Now it's not listed on the website anywhere/searching google finds nothing. I didn't dream this did I? Was really hoping to go see the second part near the end of this month : /
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    New manga from Viz for free online

    Bokurano works, which is surprising. Rin-ne still doesn't though.
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    Anime references in music video

    I just randomly found this video (because the amazing Frankmusik did a remix for it), and it has lots of anime references - as seen in the lyrics next to the video. No idea who TEef is though, looks like another one of the new and upcoming bands. Hrm. "He buys bare gundam and reads new...
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    TV Schedule

    Don't forget NHK World (Sky channel 516). Fantastic channel. Very odd English speaking presenters though, very odd indeed.
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    Studio BONES at London Expo October!

    I sincerely hope Sword of the Stranger won't be Barbican only. I swore never to see a film at that cinema again. Diabolical seating. Putting it on at the ICA on the other hand would make me very happy!
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    Studio BONES at London Expo October!

    Oh. Some high profile guests for a change, instead of English VA's. Good.
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    Up1 Discount Rate increased

    18% now, good times : ) Though, they seem to have increased the base price of books, so the books (as far as I can tell) are in general more expensive anyway, at least I remember Berserk being in the £6.xx region instead of £7.xx Ah well.
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    I'll vouch for this. It was just about acceptable to buy Japanese DVDs before the exchange rate crashed, but not anymore, it's a huge shame. I bought the first volume of Soul Eater for quite a bit under £20 from CDJapan w/ all the preorder bonuses before the exchange rate dropped, and...
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    Up1 Discount Rate increased

    Times are hard, but the exchange rate seems to FINALLY be on the up (proabably only temporary though), but in any case, it's risen enough for Up1 to raise their discount rate from 10% to 14%, which saves a few pounds on a bulk order. How awesome, I'm a very happy bunny now, and I hope the...
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    20th Century boys part I & II screening at Sci-fi London

    I really want to see Part 2 but I think I'll wait and see if it's on at the ICA later because I'm too busy to go see it at this festival, annoying!
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    FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: The greatest story ever told. Re-told.

    I've watched about half of the episode through the Funimation website, and really, the quality just can't compete with a fansub, so if and when I do follow it properly (which will probably not happen at all) I'll just watch the fansub, it won't have that silly Funimation watermark on it either...