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    Japanese Blu-rays with English Support (Subtitles and Audio) Thread

    Went through my collection to check, and here are some that include English subtitles (no English audio) that aren't listed in the opening post yet: Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA The Movie 1st Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA The Movie 2nd A's Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA Reflection Magical Girl...
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    The General Conversation Area

    Happy New Year everyone!
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    Link posting etiquette discussion (from UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains)

    In general I do think it's good practice to quote relevant parts from whatever you link, or otherwise summarise it. This is useful in case of link rot or if the content changes after the fact. And it also works nicely with the forum software, where it gets properly indexed and can be searched...
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    UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

    Interesting, though the chart doesn't tell us much. Since it only shows percentages, it's hard to say what's going on. I can imagine that the sales of DVDs have increased due to the pandemic. But from that chart alone it's not possible to conclude that at the same time Blu-rays sales "plummeted"...
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    Post your Monthly Manga Haul

    Here's my November haul: A bit less than I'd normally buy in a month, but that's also good for a change. Of the above I've only read Komi so far, so my backlog continues to grow 😐 Was also under the impression I had vol 2 of Syrup, but checking my spreadsheets and digging through boxes reveals...
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    I Want To Eat Your Pancreas simulwatch [RS] (21/11 - 28/11)

    Interesting to see your views on the twist and ending, though something still feels off about it to me. I think you're spot on as for the reason why he didn't read the book. Robbing them of their goodbye makes sense, and in a way is even needed for the diary scene to work. Though, I believe...
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    I Want To Eat Your Pancreas simulwatch [RS] (21/11 - 28/11)

    I probably should give it a rewatch to properly comment on the film, since it's been ages since I last saw it. I do recall having mixed feelings about it, and I see I'm not the only one on some points. Overall I did end up liking the movie, but I think the pacing/build up was not ideal. There...
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    Post your Monthly Manga Haul

    Storage is actually quite easy and you just have to adjust along the way as your collection grows. You start with one shelf and dedicate it to manga. Slowly but steadily the shelf fills up and each time you walk past it you smile. Once the shelf is full, you start using that other shelf that...
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    What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

    I also have that Lego set. It's not the most interesting build in my opinion, but definitely one of the nicest to display. Whoever decided to use 100 pink frogs for the cherry blossom deserves a raise.
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    Post your Monthly Manga Haul

    Awesome thread! Here's my haul for October. Most of them are new volumes of manga I was already reading. Quite surprised I was so far behind on Komi, but that just means there's plenty for me to read. Also bought several manga by Inio Asano, I must say I'm quite a fan of his works. In that...
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    Relationships and Romance

    I know the last thing you'd want to hear now are those phrases. The ones saying them are generally the ones who've had it happen to them (often unexpectedly), so that skews things. Sadly there are no guarantees, and we all logically know that "it might not happen" holds true for many people as...
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    Aria manga reprint

    I would say it's worth it, but I haven't seen or read anything of Aria, despite it sitting on my shelf for years. As @CommanderZx2 says, the volumes are really high quality and look very nice on a bookshelf. That alone is worth something, right? 😅 In any case, I'm really glad they are...
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    In Memoriam: When DVDs become coasters

    Good point, they generally don't spin down immediately. Unless it was paused for a minute or two, it might've been something else. Does make me wonder what it could be.
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    In Memoriam: When DVDs become coasters

    This could've still been caused by a damaged or degraded disc. DVD players generally slow down when encountering areas that are 'hard to read', although some don't. In your case the pausing and unpausing might've caused the player to stop for a moment and while spinning up again read that area...
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    Overseas UK Blu-Ray List / Australian Blu-ray List / USA Region B and Geolocked List

    I've finally got my hands on the US UHD release of Weathering With You, so I dug into it to see how it achieved the region locking. Apologies in advance for the long technical post, but I hope some of you will enjoy :) Quick Overview So the US UHD only plays in region A players and refuses to...
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    The Q & A Thread (for questions that do not need a thread)

    I've ordered from AliExpress several times in the past couple of years. This wasn't to the UK, mind you, but I'd be surprised if the experience was vastly different. Since you're basically buying from 'third party sellers' with AliExpress just serving as the marketplace, it's always good to pay...
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    Relationships and Romance

    I get your point and I think you've worded it nicely. While I don't have any concrete advice, there is one nuance I want to add. The way I see it is that everyone has like a pie chart of topics they want/can talk about. In practice it will always be dominated with the things going on in their...
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    Relationships and Romance

    @RadFemHedonist no need to feel sorry, while writing that part I was also a bit concerned with how it would come across. Truth is, I used to absolutely hate when people told me that in the past. So I'm actually glad that you pointed it out. I've been there myself, thinking it would be impossible...
  19. IdiomaticLynx

    Relationships and Romance

    I might not be the best person to give advice, but there's one point I do want to address. Looking for "the kind of people you actually like spending time with" might not be the best option. Instead you should aim for "people you like spending time with", if you focus too much on a specific...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Physical Golden Sheep vol 2-3 (complete) As much as I enjoyed it, it felt like something was missing that could raise it from good to great. It has some nice concepts, but the execution is a bit too straightforward or something. I had the same feeling with "The Gods Lie." but to a lesser extent...