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    Recomendations please.

    I was watching Steins;Gate before wifi became to unrelaible,may try and get into it again, and Eden of the east is on my pile of shame, the Bluray still in shrink wrap. Redline, Tiger and Bunny, House of Five Leaves, Hellsing OVA (aka Ultimate), Full Metal Alchemist (brotherhood or original)...
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    Recomendations please.

    Hi, some of the old hands may remember me, but I used to watch a lot of anime back in the day, but over the last 3 years I haven't watched as much due to a number of reasons. Now my life has settled down a bit I want to get back in, but haven't a clue where to start, and after trying a few shows...
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    So I'm in Japan at the momnet

    Well been in Japan for a two (and a bit) days and I have seen more World Heritage sites that most people see in a life time, and I am working on a theory Geshia and Yeti/ bigfoot are somehow linked (more on that later). Most of the bit day was spent getting from Tokyo to Kyoto, getting a room...
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    So I'm in Japan at the momnet

    Any Suggestions as to what to do? Last trip I was mainly in Tokyo, Osaka and Himeji, and although I'm sure I missed stuff I am only going back to Tokyo (due to flights and all). Currently in Kyoto and going to do as many sights as I can in the next two days, before... well any ideas? I've...
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    things you like/dislike about..........

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Likes 1 - Kick **** battles (even now some of the fights give me goose bumbs) 2- Music- both OP and ED as well as the music in the shows 3- Interesting characters Dislikes 1- the end - all three and the one yet to be (make your minds up guys) 2- The fans- for...
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    Director Makoto Shinkai will answer your questions!

    When directing do you try and create something you would want to watch, or something that you think the public/fans would want to watch? What you create if you had unlimited funds, access to talent etc? Do you think that the increase in fan focused, self referential shows exclusively for...
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    the most powerful/epic Words and/or Phrases in anime to you

    "How can three little words hurt so much" Haruka Shitow (Rahxephon)
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    Games you've played to Death

    What games have you played so much that you find it difficult to play any more? In my case it's Dragon Age:Origins. Completed it a few times before my computer died taking all the save games with it. Then had to replay it to get some save games for DA2 by this time I had finished it about half a...
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    School based anime and raising/ look after children

    While at a con with one of my friends we had our normal banter about Moe shows and School based anime. I generally don't like it, he does. We both have our reasons, and mine is I work with children. I used to do environmental education and taught kids from 5 to 18, now I', a student teacher...
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    Readable Japanese History Book

    After watching Musashi, and finding a copy of the 'Book of 5 Rings' wondered if anyone could recomend a book on Japanese History written in a readable style. I was facianted by the comparisons in Musashi between Japanese, Chinese and Western medievil armies and chivary and how they affected...
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    Promotional Video for Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere

    1st thought- Pic looks interesting, Gothic looking scifi, cool. 20 seconds in- Mecha, yay! 25 seconds in- Ooh mecha boobs... okay. 35 seconds in- oh god not the falling boob grab. AVOID.
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    Ayacon 2011 to be on 19th-21st August in Warwick

    Anyone going? Managed to get a last minute ticket
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    The Steam Thread

    Better pop my name down as well:- Hopeful_monster As from my games: Portal 2 (preorder) Hitman Collection Indie Fright Pack Super Meat Boy Assassin's Creed II Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition The Deus Ex Collection LEGO Batman (UK/AU) Indie Air Pack Indie Clever Pack Risen...
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    Free Voltron Boxset for Midlands Expo early birds

    Is anyone going? After the move it's about an hour for me so worth a punt, but if anyone else is going fancy a meet up?
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    anime hunger

    Star Driver had a few in the first episode
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    What do you like the most about anime?

    Linking in to the bugget side of things again since it cost as much to do the aliens, mecha and monsters as it does to do the guy walking down the street you can take longer to ell your story. A good example would be the Avatar tv series and the Movie (Last air bender not James Cameron). The...
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    Saturday early entry ticket for MCM expo oct 2010

    looking at it just need to work out about Friday tickets
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    London expo

    Quick question form the hard of thinking. I was looking on the expo website to see how much a two day ticket for Friday and Saturday was or for how much the Friday tickets cost (and buying Tachi-'s Sat Ticket) but the only way to get into the Friday bit is to buy the Weekend ticket. Is that correct?
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    MANGA UK Focus Group at London Expo?

    Damn this may mean I have to join twitter
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    How to avoid being ripped off by dodgy traders at the Expo

    Trying to id fake merchandise is much more difficult than DVD's, clues however are Price- the old too good to be true comes up here. If it is a recent show and the figure is much cheaper than those on other stalls it probably is fake. Quality- Look at the details, Legit figures are expensive...