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    Fall 2010 season airing list

    iron man ftw!
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    A new UK anime convention in 2007: Alcon in Leicester

    Im from DMU as well! lol omg, I said that in my last post because I got so excited wen the other person said they were as well, PM me, maybe I've seen u about!
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    A new UK anime convention in 2007: Alcon in Leicester

    Dude i go DMU as well! small ass world ehh? lol u aint the anime society?
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    Shangri La

    After watching the first episode, I found it rather interesting, buuuuttttt a little too randomishhhh for my liking!
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    Japanese Art Festival on 21/22 August in London

    wow looks well cool, i might just go!
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    Count to a Million

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    Anime in the UK

    wah?! Jetix is gonna go?! REALLY? lol oh wow.. bout tym..
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    BlazBlue rights picked up for Europe

    welp, theres good news if your an owner of the PS3.. because blazblue is REGION FREE on the console, and it is fully compatible and is in ENGLISH as well! hehe, so if you cant wait till early 2010, you can purchase it.... and as far as the extra content goes.... it is already a bundle pack in...
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    Need a Graphic Design Laptop!!

    Ahhh thanks for all the tips =) also, is there a specific processor that will boost the performance for my desired laptop - I Heard AMD Processors are good with stuff like Graphic Design etc. but the Intel Core Duo processor seems as good also... and is there a certain speed in Ghz tht would b...
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    Need a Graphic Design Laptop!!

    Hi, going into my 2nd year of uni at DMU, studying Graphic Design.... and I NEEEED a new Laptop, this is where I thought you all might help! :D LOL the budget is £700 and I would totally love all your opinions and tips on what to look out for, what to buy, any recommended specs etc etc...
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    Anime feature film recommendations.

    Tokyo Godfathers is really a good watch, its not your stereotypical anime but still manages to mould the overall plot and story into an enjoyable anime movie.
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    Naruto and Bleach Fillers

    What episode of bleach shud I start watchin bleach from because I stopped from the last filler arc where *SPOILERS* the captains came to help ichigo and friends in Aizen's world
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    School Rumble Series 3?

    1 and 2 were legendary but I still havent found anything cannon on the third series, I was wondering if the creator has even thought about making a series 3?! School Rumble is an ubber cool anime...
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    Naruto and Bleach Fillers

    Hey guys sorry to bother you with this question, but do any of you know if Bleach and Naruto are still currently on fillers? I've been out of the anime seen for a while due to University and a load of work but i was wondering if any one could shed a little light upon my pondering question lolzz
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    Apple release 4GB iPod Shuffle which talks.

    iPod classic is the one... all the others seem....******...
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    Starbucks to release instant coffee called Via

    I think I'll stick with my nescafé lol
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    Alcon 2009 - 4th-6th September at DMU, Leicester, UK

    DMU is my uni so im defo gonna go to this! =D
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    school Rumble series 3

    anyone know if it will ever come out? because from how the 2nd series ended it seemed lyk a new one was goin to come out,