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    Three clips of MVM's latest sci-fi opus - Ergo Proxy

    Think i might have to take a look at this if it's done by the same people who did Samurai Champloo and Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Visuals look pretty stunning. :)
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    AnimeUKNews top 10 animes (and top 10 fav anime list)

    01 - Cowboy BeBop 02 - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 03 - Full Metal Alchemist 04 - Elfen Lied 05 - Princess Mononoke 06 - Tenchi Muyo! 07 - Outlaw Star 08 - Akira 09 - Samurai Champloo 10 - Trigun ...although that could all change the more I think about it! :) EDIT...
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    Tales from Earthsea opens in UK cinemas on 3rd August

    Excellent! They have quite a few showings in Nottingham so I think I will get down there this Sunday. Thanks for the heads-up ;)
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    Japan Expo Report

    First time I had been to anything like this and thought it was very good. Thought it was quite small when we first arrived but still spend about 5 hours in there! :) Some of the Cos-players' costumes were great - loved the Zelda posse - so hats off to you guys. The dudes on the DDR stand were...
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    Anime cliches

    haha! yep! :) ROFL! Of course! Brilliant! :) What!? Even Ryo-oki? :)
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    Paprika's US theatrical release continues to impress

    I saw Paprika at Birmingham Odeon with my G/F a few months back. Thought it was wonderful and would love to see it again - especially since they seem to keep delaying the DVD release! :)
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    The British Museum announces impending anime film seasons

    IMO, The GitS movies seem to get better after watching them a few times. I did like them at first, but love them now. :)
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    Amazing AMV - Foo Fighters

    Had to watch it with the sound off. That music is ****ing terrible.
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    How do you watch your anime?

    99% UK DVDs - the other 1% being those dodgy box-sets of unknown origin from eBay (I honestly bought them thinking they were the real deal!)
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    JapanEX London 21-22 July

    Got my tickets ages ago and am going on the Saturday with my girlfriend. We are staying down in London and making a bit of a weekend out of it. Should be very cool! :)
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    British Dubbed Animes?

    I understand there were a few video releases dubbed by a British cast, but not sure of any DVDs.
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    Its 1973, nearly dinner time and i'm having hoops

    Life on Mars was/is rubbish. Don't understand the hype about it really. Too similar to 'Goodnight Sweetheart' for me :P
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    At what age did you get into Anime/Manga?

    Late 70s - early 80's: We were the first family I knew to get a video player and at that time there wasn't that many videos to rent. Our rental shop was in the form of a Bedford Rascal loaded up with assorded Japanese cartoons and live action films (Godzilla, etc.) that used to call round once a...
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    Anime lets downs

    Similar thread here: :) Evangelion - I could not get into it at all. Serial Experiments Lain - Dull, dull, dull! Vision of Excaflone - Tarot cards? Lame.
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    Never Watched EVA

    I found Eva over-elaborate and ove-complicated because of things like this... I also found it a very negative series and none of the characters appealed to me at any time. In fact, most of the characters were annoying and came across as pathetic. Nothing in the series stood out for me at all...
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    Anime that made you cry

    Is that the one where Edward meets her lost father? If it is, then that got me too! :cry: Think I have got pretty emotional during Outlaw Star, Trigun, FMA and GitS:SAC 1st Gig at some point :oops:
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    Anime You wanted to like but don't

    I'm amazed that some people didn't think much of GitS, Cowboy BeBop or FMA. I found all three to be outstanding on so many levels. Agree on Evangelion though. I could not get into it at all. thought they were trying to fit too much in and ended up over-complicate things. Would also add...
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    Mysterious Cities Of Gold / Battle of The Planets

    hehe! I've got it! :P
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    How many anime DVDs do you own at home?

    Can all you guys posting pictures of your collections also include your adresses please? ;) ...but seriously, I think I have around 100 or so. I love my anime, but what annoys me is there is always something else to get! It's difficult keeping up with what's available :) Oh and another...