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    This ever happen to anyone?

    Uh, nope, don't think I've ever been verbally attacked about Anime or Manga.
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    Well, how to describe this series.... uhmmm.... try combing amazing, horrific, intriguing and loveable characters all into one anime, and you have Baccano! Warning, this shows OP is really upbeat and happy but the entire premise of the show is very dark and mature except for the comedy relief...
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    Fansub viewers all over the world targetted, by mistake

    IMO Anime dubbing/subbing industries shouldn't target fansubbers as hostile, they should give them jobs. They're obviously way more better at doing it than professionals are.
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    Pokemon Red/Blue

    I liked Red and Blue but my favourite Pokemon games were Gold and Silver.
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    Games for the wii...

    Well EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME, princess!
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    Games for the DS

    I didn't include GS4 because it does not have an English iteration of the game yet, thus I cannot play it without following a Gamefaqs guide for the whole game.
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    Games for the DS

    Contra 4 - This game is too hard, you'll cave at this game's difficulty. Phoenix Wright Trilogy - Great set of games with a great story, loveable characters, and memorable music. You'll get shivers of excitement from the "Investigation ~ cornered" theme tune. Legend of Zelda: Phantom...
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    The PSP - Will FFVII: Crisis Core make you buy it?

    All I see in this post is this: "WAAAAAAAAH! SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE FINAL FANTASY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHh!" Cry me a river, someone differentiates from your opinion? OH NOES. Get over it. I like Final Fantasy games but I wish Square Enix wouldn't milk the franchise so damn much. Get an...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Totally agree 100%, I'm amazed my sister could get a copy.
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    Games for the wii...

    Super Paper Mario: The Third installment in the series, probably not the best, but it's helped up by it's design decision to remove turn-based battles.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    The Witcher - Best RPG I've played in ages.
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    The Witcher

    Anyone's opinion on this? It's pretty damn awesome. Leaps and bounds ahead of the last WRPG I played, Fable.
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    I predict Noitora's zanpakutou either doesn't have a name, or it's in a state of constantly being released. Thus kind of making him like Ichigo. Which may or may not disable his ability to turn into his Resureccion form. Because Resureccion can be considered either the equivalent of shikai or...
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    Ichigo only struggles with Arrancar 6 and below, any captains or lieutenants he defeated such as Byakuya are fighting Arrancar 7, and Renji and Ishida are fighting Arrancar 8, while being helped; or having their fight taken away from them by Mayuri. Ichigo only beat Kenpachi in a huge reiatsu...
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    Loving your new Kenpachi avatar. Yeah, I'm glad he brought him back into the story too.
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    The "all in 1" anime on TV News thread

    That actually sounds really good the whole subbing bit, but.. I can't really afford to do whatever it takes to get that channel :/
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    Bleach Opening 7

    After watching it a few times and seeing the translation of the lyrics, the new opening has grown on me. Yeah I kind of downloaded all of Asian Kung-Fu Generation's albums and singles as soon as I started liking the song. :D
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    Bleach Opening 7

    Yeah I follow the manga, I just watch the anime to see it in action. I'm considering deleting all the filler on my hard-drive that's of Bleach.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Portal Team Fortress 2 Super Paper Mario Resident Evil 4 (Wii version) I'll get around to HL2 when I feel like it :)
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    The Wii is a Joke? Discuss

    Or maybe I'm just a typical person who has this logic pattern: Great Graphics + Mediocre Gameplay != GOTY Visual innovation exists, but unless you wanna make a cinematic movie, it's not something to rely on when making a video game. The only reason I don't own any other consoles than a Wii is...