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    What manga are you reading now?

    I haven't posted in a while so I'll list the series I've started in the last few weeks. Bleach 1-4, Hunter X Hunter 1-4, Gon 1, Gyo 1, Uzumaki 1, Monster 1-6, Hellsing 1-3, Vagabond 1-4, Barefoot Gen 1, MPD Psycho 1-2, Oldboy 1-2, Zombie Powder 1-2, Welcome to the N.H.K 1-3.
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    Wheres everyone based then?

    Redcar, outside Middlesbrough
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    Smoking legal 18 from 1st of october

    I think that raising the legal age is a good idea, but like drinking, most under 18s are still going to do it. Especially the ones who started at 16-17 and are now forced to quit.
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    Wargames 2.0

    I've started playing an online, text-based war simulation game. It's called WARGAMES 2.0 it's a free game played on the web using only your browser - no downloads are required to play. You sign up and create a nation and you control all elements of your nation from buildings to superweapons...
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    Trailers and cover-art for UK's Paprika and Tekkon Kinkreet

    I really want to watch Paprika. Hopefully I'll be able to get by the end of the month.
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    Manga reviewers needed

    I'd like to have a go at reviewing some manga. But I've never reviewed anything before, so I probably won't be very good at it. :?
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    2 x Anime Competitions

    Thanks a lot :D
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    Manga and Paypal sells a lot of Japanese manga and a few english manga.
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    favorite band

    Possibly in order: Red Hot Chili Peppers The Beatles Barenaked Ladies Ai Otsuka The Jimi Hendrix Experience System Of A Down Incubus Outkast Bif Naked John Frusciante G3
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    I've just put some coursework onto Deviantart and I wanted some feedback to know what you all thought about it. All comments are welcome. I honestly won't be offended if you don't like them because I've only been using Photoshop for a few hours before making these...
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    The man is too short to reach the 12th floor button. When it rains he takes an umbrella.
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    The Girls Round 1, Battle 4, Motoko Vs Yomiko

    Yomiko is okay. But doesn't stand a chance against Motoko.
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    art project help

    Kazuya Minekura Eiichiro Oda Housui Yamazaki and few that are already mentioned.
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    We say Stupid Things

    "Are you sure the moon's not made of cheese?" That was an adult as well. :roll:
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    Which series did you drop?

    Same here, but I haven't seen FMP, so I can't comment on that. But the few mecha series that I watched I have enjoyed.
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    Favourite Anime Title?

    I don't think I've heard of any of the anime in the poll. :shock:
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    The 2007 Anime Character Budokai Betting Thread

    Motoko GITS Spike COWBOY BEBOP