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    PlayStation Phone - Anyone Buying?

    There's so much confusion over what this thing actually is. Some speculate that it's just a phone made by Sony Ericsson that can play games (as it lacks any PlayStation branding outside of the buttons), others speculate that it contains the guts of the original PSP, and will be used to help...
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    G.I. Joe on Anime Central.

    All 4Kids ever did to the show was do the ADR work(Voice Recording), as the rest of the production was done by Hasbro and Gonzo.
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    FUNimation to acquire some Geneon titles?

    Ofcourse they definately got the dub completed, since The Second Barrage is airing on Canadian TV, UnCut Ultimate Dub and all(Though, there was some audio censors in the first season), on G4 TechTV. You see things like FUNi taking the reins in nice and all, but what happens to series that are...
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    Well, one of my old camcorders last like 5 hours, with one charge, and it's atleast 5 years old. So it's possible battery cells are advanced enough to keep a Camera on that long. Wasn't Marlena that woman who expanded suddenly, and I guess exploded(Behind the shades) in the Medical area?I'd...
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    First images from Dragonball film appear online

    By the way, this movie isn't called DragonBall Z. Its never been referred to as, it's only be referred to as "DragonBall". Which somewhat makes sense, since apparently FOX is adapting the Demon King Piccolo arch, which explains why Goku is a teen... I really just hope Teito is just a "set" name...
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    Best and most dissapointing games of 2007

    Popularity means ziltch, it just means the public can be won over with gimmicks and correct marketing. Just ask Spiderman 3, which is the highest grossing movie of the year, and if someone says that is the best movie of the year, all they've watched then, was Spiderman 3, because tonnes of...
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    What games are you looking foward to in 2008?

    GranTurismo 5(PS3) LittleBigPlanet(PS3) MotorStorm 2(PS3) Metal Gear Solid 4(PS3) EcoChrome(PS3) Super Smash Bros. Brawl(Wii) Secret Agent Clank(PSP) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII GTA: IV Naruto PS3 Project Hopefulls for Next Year: Killzone 2 Resistance 2 Jak & Daxter PS3(ND...
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    Best and most dissapointing games of 2007

    Uncharted is in my honest opinon one of the best of the year. And sadly, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and Lair are some of the dissapointing games of the year.
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    the anime/manga i got given today/for christmas

    Eureka SeveN(Manga) Volume 1 Death Note(DVD)- Volumes 1 &2 Gundam SEED Destiny (DVD)- Volume 10 Bleach Season 1 Boxset
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    Dad sells kids GH3 Wii Christmas Present

    Meh, I live in the city, and I asked for Guitar Hero III, but, I'm not a smoker, and I asked for GHIII on PS2, as all the current Wii ones have audio issues(which will be addressed next year sadly).
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    Manga-style tarot cards released

    Haha, I remember all the problems CardCaptors had here in North America due to the Cloud Cards resembling Tarot cards.
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    I Watch subs because............

    I don't watch subs. I could tell you why I don't watch subs but that will lead into nothing new.
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    Initial D anime series to hit UK DVD soon?

    I wouldn't say the voice actors in the dub was bad, the music was though, as TokyoPop had to do what they did for them to even think of garnering(a non-existant) US Broadcaster. I own a couple of volumes(which FUNimation is re-releasing in Boxset Forms in the US), and I really can't stand the...
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    First film you saw at the cinema?

    I think it was "Chicken Run", yes, I'm not that old.
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    The Wii is a Joke? Discuss

    You can't see it's glam can you? The game had some of the most realistic character movements and facial expressions that we've ever seen in any Video Game. That is a technologic feat, and considering this game was compared to the crtitically acclaimed "God Of War"(Infact, the game was called by...
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    The Wii is a Joke? Discuss

    Thanks for not actually commenting on my post itself :? I said they were new IPs(Something Nintendo can't wrap their minds around), not critically aclaimed masterpieces(Although some have been) , and if you call Heavenly Sword(The game scored 8 or over in almost all reviews) terrible and...
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    The Wii is a Joke? Discuss

    My major problem with Nintendo is that they're are not creating any new Intellectual Properties not based on exisiting styles. I like playing Mario, but I want something new. I find it disturbing that by the end of 2007, Sony will have launched over 5 new series(Heavenly Sword, Uncharted...
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    Dragon Ball Z DVD questions

    My only real issue with the sets are the remastering, as it has been assumed that FUNimation just use a smudge tool to get out the grain on the film. Which makes lines a lot less visible. I've got Season 1-3, and probably will get 4-7(When they're released), along with the hoped boxsets for DB...
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    It's a Nelvana dub.
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    $100 million Dragonball Z movie in production

    Actually the liscene to build a movie off of Transformers was struck in like 2001 between Donald Murphy and Hasbro(Murphy wanted GI Joe, Hasbro said no, so he got Transformers), and was in looking for a studio so that production could commence, enter DreamWorks in 2005.