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    Learning japanese

    I can wholly recommend the Genki textbooks if you're planning on studying seriously. They build you right up from the basics, and provide really full grammar explanations (I spoke about them here: ... wo-manabu/) but do move extremely fast when it comes to...
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    Haha. But seriously, an email can't do anything to you unless you either run an attachment of it, or open it (in the case of a HTML-based email) which contains a server-side script, like Javascript. If you find a dodgy-looking email in your inbox, just delete it. Honestly, the people who...
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    Is it ok for a boy to like girly anime?

    For me, the most interesting topic inside this, uh, topic was actually that of moe supposedly being intrinsically linked with "sexualised minors". I can't remember who wrote it first; I appologise for not trawling through the past seven pages to source it. Correct me if I am wrong, but moe to...
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    What does make a TRUE Otaku?

    Rui, I usually agree with everything that you say. But! Apostrophes do not denote plurality. "CD's" is wrong, wrong, wrong! Apostrophes are used to indicate possession by a noun: "The dog's CDs." As for the topic at hand, I view otaku-ism as being a bit of a trophy of honour. Whilst I joke...
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    Who should win love competions?

    Haha! This thread is genius! Tsundere all the way, in my opinion. Not really sure how that reflects on -my- personality, though... ^^;;
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    1.5 years for Uploader

    You counter with some interesting points. However, I am not defending fansubs within the scope of a profit market. As with all free forms of distribution for copyrighted media, monetary gain is always going to lose out. Sure, Gawyn, fansubs aren't a lucrative venture. What I'm trying to get...
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    1.5 years for Uploader

    ^^; Thanks.
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    1.5 years for Uploader

    I don't see the fuss. Anime is free to air on TV in Japan, and Japanese people are just as free to record the shows to VCR for private use. The way I see it, fansubs simply extend that medium to a wider audience. I doubt many would put up much of a fuss if I decided to begin receiving Japanese...
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    whats ya ringtone?

    Forgive me but it's... Bouken Deshou Deshou?
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    Anyone NOT go to the Expos?

    Had exams so I wasn't able to. I've been to the three previous ones though, and I plan to go again come October. ^^
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    What you guys doing right now.

    I'm actually really happy. My last GCSE is done. I am free.
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    Journeys to the holy land...

    I love stories like this, and harkins' one too. Although perhaps there's a certain amount of "grass is always greener" syndrome associated with faraway places, Japan certainly does have a somewhat romantic appeal to us Englanders. The customs and "properness" of the culture seem to echo what...
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    forum "levels"

    Haha - I'd second that one.
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    Pics, everyone

    Chocolate cornet... It's a CHOCOLATE CORNET, DAMNIT!
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    What you guys doing right now.

    I just had this too, if you're on OCR, that is. It went pretty well, I thought.
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    Sexual Orientation?

    This thread has just become too personally offensive to too many people. Can I request a lock-down, or clean-up?
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    Sexual Orientation?

    :P "It's pointless arguing because the ignorant heteros are stupid." No offence, but I like your diplomatic stance.
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    Sexual Orientation?

    I guess what Skikes may be trying to get across is that, in the grand scheme of things, sexuality of any degree is pretty insignificant. Whilst there is war, disease and poverty, freedom of sexuality is very much something to enjoy and not to get too worked up about. I would imagine that most...
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    Do you support gay marriage?

    I make the distinction since the entire thread is about discussing such a distinction. Regardless, aside from contending me for making said distinction (as I believe you yourself did when you named this thread), I do believe you are in agreement with what I said. You see the two much...