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    London expo

    is the meet up going to be everyday?
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    What series do you think should get a reboot?

    I would like to see a reboot of friuts basket as i love that serie and i want to see more of what happns after.
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    What has been the lowest selling UK released Anime?

    lol have both the contenders cardcaptors dvds and the world of narue dvds lol. this was back in my days when i used to buy any anime dvd that came out.
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    What are you listening to Now thread.

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    A lone shadowy figure emerges

    Yo jakeman long time no post. Welcome back. :)
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    London expo

    Just wondering is there going to be a anuk meet up this expo?
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    London expo

    should be going this time round not been in years. not sure if im doing all weekend tho as its halloween and thats means going out. dressing up and getting drunk somewhere.
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    This or That

    float... dont really want to die round or square?
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    How do you store your anime?

    howdy how r you? ive not been round these parts in a while
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    dose not know how a ruler works
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    How do you store your anime?

    I got shelf all around my room where i keep all my dvds. I like walking in and seeing them all.
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    why dose it matter what style of beard it is?? it all taste the same anyway.
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    You're fired!

    your fired cos i was bored and thought it would be funny. And it was.
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    Start a rumour about the person above you! (Forum Game)

    likes to wear underwear over there Clothes
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    This or That

    French wine Samurai or Ninja?
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    fav anime openings/endings

    love the outlaw star opening cant help but head bomp to it lol
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    This or That

    kick the baby mahahah wet or dry weather?
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    Your viewing journal

    I had time over the weekend to catch up with Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. 50 eps in 2 days not bad and had time to go out clubing last night lol.
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    This or That

    prince cat or dog?