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    All In The Name

    Stephen's Fry - Well I reckon he has been to his fair share of takeaways Emma What's On - Emma Watson previews the weeks TV Bentley's Bentleys - Not really that different from 5th Gear Bacon's Baking Bacon - More TV shows about bacon! Snow - Jon Snow stares at snow for an hour...
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    Your Top 5 Most Wanted UK Anime Licenses? 2011 Edition!

    1. Bakemonogatari 2. Clannad 3. Angel Beats 4. Welcome To The NHK 5. Usagi Drop (well this is the 2011 edition, I know I'm jumping the gun but... :D )
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    Do I need to play Ace Attorney 1 before the rest of series?

    Well I actually played the 2nd, then 3rd, then 1st then 4th. I knew what happened at the start of the 1st game before hand though. IMO Its actually fine to start with the 2nd as long as you know if roughly, you dont miss much that you ant fill in the blanks for. But do play the 1st before you...
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    free Thorntons treat egg

    Praline for me, thanks for the link!
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    CC Vs Faye Rematch

    :P CC
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    Dont eat me! D:

    Hello, and welcome!
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    UK Legal Anime Streaming Service launching April

    Just 1 big massive :D
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    Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

    ... :( I have a grand total of 19 discs, (counting my discs>boxes :P ), probably not worth a photo! Very nice collections though!
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    Pokémon Black & White

    I bring you a quote from the IGN review: "Garbodor conveys the image of a child's art project made only with melted ice cream sandwiches and his father's cigarette butts."
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    The higher your vowel to consonant ratio the better your name... Welcome!
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    America in a nutshell (according to Japan)

    Wait what is that... "Onion Flavour" !??! WHAT?! *Doesn't understand*
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    There is a solution, and since I own the game and a ps2 I don't feel at all bad about saying this (Though technically it's just as illegal), that is Emulation. I'm playing through it on my laptop and love doing so :D (Actually been playing FF XII, but I have X too, and love it even more!)...
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    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Rewatch)

    I'd love to join for 2nd GIG as I'm at about ep3 ATM. So I'll jus tog on hold until you get there!
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Well I just played "Duty Calls" (I wonder what it's a spoof of...) It's pretty funny (as long as you've played CoD), but I recommend watching the full play-through, instead of the doing the 700mb download... but hey: <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    Your viewing journal

    Boring?!? :O How can it be boring? Stupid, yes. Hyperactive, yes. Unoriginal (intentionally?), yes. But anything with that much random crazy stuff can't be boring... it may feel a bit "empty"(?) at times without any sense of purpose or meaning. It wasn't boring though :( As for the comment...
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    Viz Media is to Publish Novelisation of Ico

    Ah, will look into further, thank you.
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Hmm today. I brought some stuff: MANGA: Kurusagi Corpse Delivery Service V2 Highschool of the Dead V1 :P Welcome to the NHK V2 20th Century Boys V1 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attirney Casebook V2 (Saw it.... had to do it.) ANIME: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Ghost In The Shell 2.0...
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    AUKN's Best of the Decade - Results and Discussion

    O_o Thanks for the stats! :) I watched Welcome To The NHK right after I'd submitted my votes, and I think it would have supplanted my number 10, which would then have got it in to the actual top (Though I would have voted for Spirited Away, if I realised we were doing films too. Which then...
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    AUKN's Best of the Decade - Results and Discussion

    Indeed, I picked up the triple pack box set (Laughing Man, Individual 11 and Solid State Society) for £10 in HMV. And that's about 7.5 hours of quality anime right there!
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    FUNimation Sues L33t Pirates over Anime Pirates

    o_O Wow. Kinda weird. Why is it Funi that has to sue? Is it because they hold the region distrib rights, or something?